How To Connect Multiple Bluetooth Speakers to iPhone?

Though you may never get that exact party experience when you connect your Bluetooth speakers to your iPhone but you can get a pretty close experience by connecting more than one Bluetooth speaker to your iPhone. You might have not known this was possible but we are here to tell you all about it.

According to the latest models of iPhones, you can connect more than one Bluetooth speaker or even use app that allows the speakers to be able to use each other. However, with older versions of iPhone this may not be possible.


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How to Connect Multiple Bluetooth Speakers to iPhone?

If you have the latest iPhone then connecting it to several Bluetooth speakers will not be a very hard task. There is a connect feature that allows us to do the same. While you can do this with the newer models and even piggybacking off of one another is also possible, but connecting an older iPhone to more than one Bluetooth speaker is just not possible.

The Bluetooth capabilities were known to be very limited before Bluetooth 5 was introduced. Any previous version only allowed one to one device connection with a smaller range of around 30 meters. With the newer version of Bluetooth 5, it has become much easier for an iPhone to connect to more than just one speaker at one time.

Use AmpMe to Connect Multiple Speakers by Bluetooth

There are some apps that allow us to connect multiple speakers by Bluetooth together. AmpMe is one of the most used and versatile app. This app syncs smartphones and Bluetooth speakers together to help play music via streaming sites like YouTube, Spotify, your personal library and even SoundCloud.

When you download the app, you would need to link it to your google account or Facebook. And to start a party to do this you just need follow these small steps:

  • Tap on the Plus (+)
  • Select your streaming site and tap on connect.
  • Log in to your account.
  • Choose a playlist.

The party’s host controls the music in this app. Other users can also join the party and request songs or you can even activate the guest DJ feature which enables other people to queue songs in the said playlist.


How to Connect the Speakers?

Depending on what version of iPhone you have, you can connect the speakers or not. To connect them, you just need to follow these steps:

  1. Using the audio sharing function. This is one of the main step if you are pairing your speakers or headphones for the very first time.
  2. Connect one of the speakers and play a video or song.
  3. Go to control center to allow simultaneous audio output.
  4. Tap on airplay icon and pick the linked speaker. Remember to deselect any of the previous devices that were connected on the same.
  5. Tap on the music icon for additional options. Here you will be able to see the devices that are currently connected and playing music.
  6. Click on the chare option.
  7. Click on the share audio button.
  8. After you are done establishing a good connection, you can adjust volume for each manually as you may like.

Use the Homepod Stereo Pair

Apple’s Homepod Stereo Pair allows users to pair their iPhones to be connected to two Homepod speakers. For this to function, you must have iOS 11.4 or higher operating system.

For this to further work, the speakers and the iPhone must be in the same room to pair easily. After the connection gets established, it is okay for them to be at two separate locations.

Airplay-compatible Speakers

You can also use the Airplay-compatible speakers to your smart TV. For this, you would need to select several Airplay 2- compatible speakers or smart TVs to broadcast the audio onto the speakers.

Then you would need to add your Airplay 2-compatible speakers and smart TVs to a room in the home app to let Siri function to play anything from any room you want.

Use Ultimate Ears Function

To use this function, you must follow the steps given below:

  • Press on the UE boom button till the sound is produced.
  • Select the UE boom option from your Bluetooth settings.
  • Speaker will then be connected to your phone.
  • For other speaker, connect one of the two boxes to your playback devices.
  • Press Bluetooth and volume up buttons.
  • Press twice on the Bluetooth button to connect.
  • The speakers will now be connected.

Ending thoughts

You can connect various Bluetooth speakers to your iPhone but only by following certain rules and caring about certain restrictions. You must note that the device must be compatible with each other for a better functioning.

Knowing about the right tool and having its knowledge will help you in the long term.

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