How To Connect Skullcandy Bluetooth Earbuds

Bass is nice once you have got to combat close noise and have good music expertise. With Skullcandy being one of the bestselling audio instrumentation makers, it’s best that you simply have the skills to attach it to different devices.

Below could be a complete orient way to build the mandatory connections:

How To Connect Skullcandy Bluetooth Earbuds

To connect, you would like to confirm that each of the earbuds and therefore the device you would like to attach to square measure on and Bluetooth turned on. you’ll then seek the Skullcandy Bluetooth Earbuds from the opposite device and try.

Read on to be told additional.

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Connecting Skullcandy Bluetooth Earbuds with Windows

To begin the affiliation, guarantee your earbuds square measure on. Activate Bluetooth on your Windows and seek for the earbuds.

You’ll see a listing of obtainable devices, together with your Skullcandy Bluetooth Earbuds if they’re on. 

You’ll see a listing of obtainable devices from the list and this can be wherever you would like to pick the earbuds. 

Your robot can mechanically try together with your earbuds and begin enjoying the audio straight off.

If your earbuds square measure in shut proximity, they’ll seem on the list of obtainable devices.

Click on the earbuds to attach. If a key is needed, enter 0000 because of the key. Your device can hook up with the earbuds and therefore the audio can play.

Like Xbox, PS4 isn’t Bluetooth-enabled. This suggests that a Bluetooth USB electronic device comes in handy to determine the affiliation. 

With the Bluetooth USB electronic device, the PS4 ought to acknowledge the earbuds mechanically, and you’ll begin enjoying your voice audio from your earbuds.

Click on the choice “Output Device” and choose the USB receiver.

There is still a choice on the identical pane that claims “Output to Headphones.” amend this one to “All Audio.”

Troubleshooting Skullcandy Bluetooth Earbuds affiliation issues

To start victimizing your earbuds, you would like to possess them out of the case. turn on the earbuds, and so flip them to pairing mode. The earbuds intercommunicate pairing mode once you press and hold the pairing button.

You can tell the earbuds square measure in pairing mode once the LED activates. If you are trying any of the higher-than-connecting procedures and therefore the earbuds can still not connect, you would like to troubleshoot the affiliation.

The easiest and most typical troubleshooting procedure is to modify off and so on the connecting device and therefore the Bluetooth earbuds. Press the pairing button fourfold to modify off the earbuds and place them in their case.

Turn off the Bluetooth affiliation of your device, whether or not a laptop, smartphone, vice console, or other. Once the 2 devices square measure off, watch for thirty seconds and power them back on.

Remove the earbuds from their case and switch them on and build them prepared for pairing. activate Bluetooth on the device you’re connecting with and scan for your earbuds. In most cases, this straightforward troubleshooting procedure can get your earbuds operating simply fine.

What if only 1 earbud is working?

If one in all the earbuds is functioning, then it means that there’s no drawback with the Bluetooth affiliation. Note that, you would like to show each earbud manually to induce them to operate. If only 1 of the earbuds is functioning, then you would possibly have solely turned one in all of them on.

watch for many seconds and take away the primary earbud from the case and press and hold the facility button to modify it. Press the pairing button to induce the earbuds prepared for the affiliation.

Repeat the procedure with the left earbud and obtain the affiliation prepared. If one in all the earbuds still contains a drawback when switching it off and on once more, take it to an expert for a medical exam.

Which square measures the Modes within the Skullcandy Bluetooth Earbuds?

You can set your Skullcandy Earbuds to either of the 3 modes. The Solo mode is for once you get to hear audio from only 1 earbud. This can be simple as all you would like to try and do is turn on one earbud and leave the opposite in its case.

The earbud within the case won’t receive any affiliation and one outside can receive the audio signal. The alternative to solo mode is stereo mode wherever the 2 earbuds square measure active. To activate the stereo mode, you merely have to turn on the 2 earbuds and place them on pairing mode.

The ambient mode is the third mode. This mode is for once you get to hear alternative noises within the encompassing while not removing your earbuds. Once you permit close mode, particularly in an exceedingly busy setting, you keep safe as you’ll acknowledge the sounds around you.

To activate the close mode, you would like the Skullcandy App.

How To Use Your Skullcandy Bluetooth Earbuds 

Your Bluetooth earbuds have a variety of applications. For starters, you’ll use them to regulate your phone calls. you’ll take calls by a sound every bud double. you’ll conjointly reject calls with the earbuds by pressing and holding the buds for a minimum of 2 seconds.

If you wish to build a decision, you’ll faucet every bud thrice to activate voice help. you’ll then sit down with your device and build asking.

You can use it to concentrate on music, hear voice audio, and hear several alternative audio.

You need to confirm the earbuds don’t drain their power utterly as this could harm their battery. The buds provide you with a sound prompt that tells you once the bud’s power is obtained low.

Once the power goes low, place the earbuds in their charging case to charge them. Once they begin charging, the buds LED turns red, and once the buds square measure charged, the LED lightweight pops.

These earbuds square measure simple to regulate. you’ll increase or decrease the quantity of the earbuds by sound them. to extend the quantity, faucet the correct earbud once. To decrease the quantity, faucet the left earbud once.

The Skullcandy App

The Skullcandy App could be a nice platform once you get to troubleshoot problems that affect your earbuds. All earbuds from Skullcandy support the app. From the app, you’ll choose the model you would like for your earbuds, access user guides, and troubleshoot any issues you’ll have together with your earbuds.

This app offers the entire pack of options that you simply would like for your earbuds. it’s conjointly through this app that you simply will find a misplaced earbud. whether or not you lose one or each of the earbuds, you’ll instruct them to beep from the app so you’ll find them.

If your earbuds affiliation drawback persists, you’ll reset them. To do this, the faucet and hold the earbuds for about ten seconds till the LED light-weight turns blue and so Red. Once reset, the earbuds square measure able to build recent connections.

Closing Thoughts

Unless the Skullcandy Bluetooth Earbuds square measure is broken, they’re going to hook up with any device with ease. In most devices, all you would like to try and do is make sure that the earbuds square measure in pairing mode and so search them from the device you would like to attach with. they’re going to connect and play audio rapidly.

Although some devices would possibly like you to tweak the settings a bit to send the audio through the receiver, there aren’t any major challenges once you square measure managing these earbuds. If any of the troubleshooting steps don’t work, see an expert.


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