How to copy pictures on iphone?

iPhone captures a quality image at pretty high resolution. Users signify that iphone automatically process a picture & make them look great.

Certainly, you would like to transfer pictures from your computer to iphone. Moving your pictures from computer to iPhone is quite simple.

It’s highly not recommended to use Explorer to copy images from a computer to the phone manually. Since long time, Windows computers have performed incredibly, but customers still raised their complaints regarding difficulties in uploading pictures from computer to iphone.

How to copy pictures on iphone

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How to copy pictures on iphone from computer?

Copying photos from computer to iphone while turning on the iCloud library will create will make it difficult to sync photos from computer to your device along with iTunes because iTunes doesn’t support sync option.

Factors that interrupt while copying pictures from computer to iphone:-

1) How to copy pictures on iphone from computer when your iphone is locked?

Your iphone automatically redirects to sleep mode, when it is locked.

If this happens while copying pictures from computer to your iphone, it will cause interruptions as Apple devices are strictly not allowed to exchange any data at this state.

Therefore, it’s your responsibility to check if your phone is permanently unlocked when it is connected to your computer, or you can tap on phone’s screen to keep it unlocked.

2) Sending large sets of photos:-

You can copy the pictures from computer to your iphone in small batches to avoid any disturbance in between.

If you copy more than 500 pictures at a time, the process will be carried out very slowly.

First, select a couple of pictures to copy on your iphone and then try to increase the number to transfer all of them.

You can also use Any Trans application if you have a lot of pictures to copy on your iphone from the computer.

3) How to copy pictures on iphone when iTunes Apple Mobile Device USB driver is not installed?

It is important to install drivers as without them the operating system cannot communicate with the device. The actions are handled by driver, which provides a link between hardware and software.

You can easily update drivers using third-party apps for example, Driver Booster, Driver Hub or Drive Pack Solution.

At some instances, your IOS might not be compatible with the chipset drivers.

You can only update motherboard drivers & chipset & notice that some third party apps contain malware, adware or spyware.

4) If iphone and computer are not updated to the latest operating system:-

It should be your responsibility to check your device is updated to the latest version so that you won’t experience any difficulty while using them.

If you update both your iphone and your computer, then most of the errors can be fixed in the device.

After updating, try copying pictures from computer to your iphone and check whether problem has been solved.

5) How to copy pictures on iphone if there is difficulty with the USB Cable?

There can be an issue with USB cable, if you cannot copy pictures from computer to your iphone.

If it is not working, then make sure it is free from dust as it make it not work normally.

Check if the USB cable is damaged by trying with a different cable.

If the concern still exists, then connect the USB to different USB port on the computer, to know if USB port is the concern.

6) When Apple Mobile Device Support is not installed:-

Apple Mobile Device is a built-in function in Apple iTunes software that syncs iphones, iPods & iPads that are hooked into your computer.

It is not necessary to have an Apple mobile for this purpose to run in the background on your computer.

After installing iTunes, this process will automatically run into the computer’s background. Apple Mobile Device Support detects an iPod immediately when inserted into computer’s USB port.

You won’t require Apple Mobile Device Support unless you sync an iPod to your iTunes library and can remove it from the Control Panel’s Add and Remove apps.

If Apple Mobile Device Support is not installed, then you will need to remove iTunes, Apple Software Update, Apple Application Support and then reinstall iTunes.

7) How to copy pictures on iphone if the computer is not set as trusted device?

Your PC will require iTunes 12.5.1 or later for importing pictures. Make sure unlocking your iphone using passcode before copying pictures from your computer.

It may cause trouble if you have never synced the iphone with computer earlier. Trusted computers can sync with your computer and develop backups to access photos, videos, contacts & other content in your iphone.

Until you trust computer or remove them from your device, a computer remains a trusted source.

Hence, before transferring files ensure that IOS device depends on the computer.

8) How to copy pictures on iphone if the drivers are out of date?

You can fix the outdated drivers to copy pictures on iphone from computer. This can be done manually or automatically.

If you don’t have relevant technical skills then it’s recommended to update the drivers using a tool.

This can be easy and a safe way to update drivers on Windows computers. Driver Fix tool can be approved by Microsoft can be used for this process.

9) If the Permission settings was not set to allowed for transfer of pictures:-

According to many users, if you face issues while copying pictures from computer to iphone, then the problem could be your permissions.

You should check that photos folder have accurate permission.

It’s important to check once if permission are allowed on computer, for easy copying of pictures to your iphone.

10) How to copy pictures on iphone if Antivirus Application is Enabled?

The antivirus software creates an issue while transferring according to reports in recent pasts.

But, this issue was solved after disabling the antivirus software temporarily.

If you don’t want to disable the antivirus software on your PC, then once check the configuration of the software & try to disable features related to removable storage.

11) What if iCloud photo library is on?

You can’t copy pictures from your computer to iphone because iCloud photo library is on & it adjusts the phone storage by deleting them.

But, you can download them whenever you want. If you sign in to on any computer then it’s quite easy to copy pictures to your iphone.


We know that, Apple supports using an Apple device with another Apple device and so does the Microsoft.

Users may not necessarily have an iphone, a mac, a PC or an android phone. While transferring iphone pictures using Microsoft photos to a Windows machine can cause difficulty & might show as ‘something went wrong’ to the users.

Therefore, you can copy photos from your computer to your iphone wirelessly using iCloud. You need to download iCloud on your computer windows and set up both devices to sync with same iCloud account for transfer of photos automatically.

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