How To Delete Photos On Mac Without Deleting From Icloud?

Apple is known for syncing your photos with the iCloud storage by default. So, if we were to go by this since both the devices are synced anything deleted from your photos would also get deleted from iCloud.

But what if we were to tell you that you can delete a photo and not have it deleted from the iCloud storage? Read more to find out about the same.


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How to delete photos from Mac without deleting them from iCloud

To do the same, you would have to follow the steps given below:

  • On your Mac open system preference and click on the Apple logo.
  • Select the iCloud tab on the left.
  • Uncheck photos from the options.
  • You may get asked to enter your password for verification.
  • Once this gets done, you would be allowed to delete photos from your Mac and have them still saved in iCloud.

After doing this your iCloud would be disconnected from your Mac which would let you delete photos and they wouldn’t get deleted on your iCloud account.

How to recover a deleted photo?

Now, there are chances that you may have deleted a photo that you now want back. We all face this situation. To get that photo back, click on the “recently deleted” option and click on the photo that you want to restore. There would be an option below named restore, by clicking on that you would get your photo back.

You must keep in mind that the recently deleted photo can only be restored up to 30 days after it gets permanently deleted.

How to clear storage in iCloud?

When we save a lot of photos it is understandable that it would take up a lot of storage which is why you would need to clear some space for future files. To do that, you can try these ways:

  •  You can buy the premium method which means that you would be buying space for your storage.
  •  You can also try to clear storage by deleting all the things that you don’t require. This could include all the emails, messages, photos, documents, and much more that are not needed anymore. You can also disable certain storage of things that you may not want. To do this, you would need to go to settings> tap on iCloud> check the box off for any data that you want to unsync from iCloud.  

How to check how much space is left in your iCloud storage?

You can check how much storage you have left in your iCloud account on your iPhone. You need to click on settings> tapping on your name> clicking on iCloud.

You would then be shown how much space you have left and what category of data is taking the most space in your iCloud account.

How to organize photos in your iCloud account?

After your photos and videos have been saved in your iCloud account it is possible that it would get too hard for you to organize your files and search through them to find what you are looking for. You can organize them by creating albums.

To create an album, you do not need to do much as it is very simple.

  • Select the + icon on your photos tab on your iCloud account and select New Album
  •  Enter the name of the album and select ok to confirm
  • To add photos, you just need to select the video or photo you would like in your album and press + icon
  •  Select the album you would like to move your photo or video in and then it would happen.

It is this easy to make an album and organize your photos and videos.

Options to optimize your storage space?

There are a few options for us to optimize storage space in iCloud. Store in iCloud is one such option where you save all the files in iCloud and only download things as needed. Apple also has a reduce clutter which helps you delete unwanted files.

Optimize storage does the same thing as storing in the cloud but with your AppleTV and email attachments. To enable this, you would need to go to about this mac> click on storage> manage> optimize storage. Once this is completed, your previously watched shows or movies will get saved in your iCloud.

External Storage if you have your data stored in iCloud, it is always good to save your data in an external hard drive in case you lose all your data or you get locked or if your device even gets broken.

How to reenable iCloud photo sync?

To reenable your sync for photos you would need to repeat what you did to close it. You will need to go to system preferences in the iCloud section again and check the photos box again which would reenable the sync. You may need to log in again with your Apple ID.

There are possibilities that after you do this, the photos you previously deleted got deleted from iCloud too so you may need to check that and restore any photos that may have gotten deleted.

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