How to disconnect someone from Bluetooth speaker?

Whenever you invite your friends home and provide them with access to your Bluetooth speaker, it’s difficult to get back control over your own speaker. You can’t be rude to them, though they have played too many of their favorite tunes. Anyways, if they don’t seem to give back control of the speaker, you can use a few strategies to disconnect family and friends from Bluetooth and owe back its control.

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How to disconnect someone from Bluetooth speaker?

There is a common trick where you can take over control of your Bluetooth speaker if someone else pairs to it. You just need to restart the device & connect to it first. Surely, both the speaker & device remember the Bluetooth connection once connected, therefore there’s a chance your phone will get connected automatically.

You will need to check the device’s specific reset commands to confirm that the connection is lost. If not, then wait until the next person’s device is unable to connect to Bluetooth again.

How to disconnect someone from Bluetooth speaker by forcing the speaker into pairing mode?

Yes, you can force the Bluetooth speakers into pairing mode. You just need to find the Bluetooth button on the speaker and then press it for about five seconds. If the LED light on the speaker begins to flash, it’s ready to pair.

Immediately connect to the speaker from your phone before you lose the connection to another one who had it earlier. The user manual can be beneficial to find out a method for generating pairing mode if your device lacks a Bluetooth button. Generally, all the Bluetooth speakers have an option to perform this initial step.

How to disconnect someone from bluetooth speaker by way of resetting the speaker?

You can go through the following steps to reset your speaker:-

  •  Power off the Bluetooth speaker
  •  Disconnect all the devices from the speaker.
  •  Press and hold the Bluetooth button & power button for fifteen seconds. ( If your device doesn’t have a Bluetooth button then hold volume up and power button for fifteen seconds.)

Now, the device should power cycle & turn on in pairing mode. You must pair up with the speaker before anyone else. Do not unpair until you power down your device.

How to disconnect someone from Bluetooth speaker using an Aux Cable?

You can use the most appropriate method, if you have 3.5mm of auxiliary cable. Auxiliary connections in Bluetooth speakers will always prioritize the control of your speaker.

A device with an audio jack or you can also use adapters for auxiliary connections. Plug one end of the cable into the speaker and the other into your PC, smartphone or tablet.

You don’t have to worry about losing control over your device as a wireless connection provides easy access to your audio. Enjoy the audio and control while using it.

How to disconnect someone from Bluetooth speaker and prevent unauthorized connections?

In order not to lose control over your device, you should prevent providing access the very first time. Anyways, if your device is jacked in public, the device will be more directed towards you. There are some ways through which you can privatize your device & control it.

Powered off the speaker when not in use

If your speaker is powered off when not in use, then it will stop people trying to pair & will also save the battery. It can be the best preventive measure, no matter wherever you are.

The battery power of a Bluetooth speaker goes for 24 hours, so save it for next use. There are some Bluetooth speakers that can be paired to multiple devices at the same time. There are chances that the speaker will not prevent someone pairing with it though you have already paired. Hence, use it wisely and turn it off when you’re not using it.

How to disconnect someone from Bluetooth speaker while always staying paired to it?

You can never unpair from the device in order to prevent unauthorized connections if you feel your speaker will manage one connection at a time.

Bluetooth uses the power of your device. If you are connected to the device all the time it may lead to battery drainage at a faster rate. Therefore, you may not feel comfortable with this option.

You may adopt this if you agree with the following points:-

  •  Battery life & power management of your smartphone or device is outstanding.
  •  Your device consists of a smart device control feature like Samsung’s Smart Control.
  • Must have a portable battery pack.
  •  If you carry an external microphone.

Buying Speakers with Security Features

A Bluetooth speaker with a coded locking system is the most secure one. These will be connected to only those devices that enter a specific connection key, usually of four to five numbers.

Such types of speakers are more expensive than normal ones but also provide high-quality audio. If you think it is a better option to adopt secure & good quality Bluetooth speakers, then definitely go for it.


1.How to disconnect someone from Bluetooth speaker using an app?

No, there aren’t such apps available to disconnect anyone from being connected to a device. You will have to work on the methods mentioned above to control your device. Maybe the future will see Bluetooth speakers with advanced features controlled through apps.

2.Can I hijack or jam a Bluetooth speaker?

You must have a better knowledge of wireless connections at first. You must be careful while doing it, if you are confident enough or ask your friends to use your speaker politely.

3.How can someone connect to my Bluetooth speaker and take control?

It is normal, a stranger may control your Bluetooth speaker if they are within a specific range of Bluetooth signal. There are speakers which can connect to multiple devices.

A smart programmer can easily manage a connection to your speaker or disconnect your device.


A number of ways can guide you to connect to a Bluetooth device, but not all of them are helpful to disconnect someone from your Bluetooth speaker. Must try the following things for effective results:-

  • Turn off the speaker and on again, then pair before anyone else does.
  •  You can reset the speaker to factory settings & connect to your device when it restarts.
  •  Use an auxiliary cable to connect your device directly with speakers.

Auxiliary cables will be the fastest way to get back control over speakers. You must ensure to buy a secure device whenever you need.

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