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With the new update, you won’t have to check your phone again and again for messages while you are walking around or are not in the position to check them. Excluding Apple’s 1st generation, Airpods have been modified to be able to listen to your text messages sent to your device. To know more about the same and learn how to use this feature, you may continue reading this article.

How Do I Get AirPods To Read My Texts

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How to know what generation my Airpods is?

You need to know what generation is your Airpods are to be able to perform these functions as they are only available in Airpods 2nd generation and above.

To find your Airpod’s generation, you may follow these steps given below:

  • Go to settings and then click on Bluetooth.
  • Find your Airpods in the list.
  • Tap on the info button next to your Airpods and you will see your model number.

How to make Siri read your text messages through Airpods?

To apply this function, you will have to do the following:

  • Open the settings menu on your iPhone
  • Tap on notifications
  • Tap on “Announce messages with Siri”
  • Toggle the “Announce messages with Siri”
  • You can even click on an option called “Send replies without confirmation”. In this Siri would type down the answer you speak and will instantly send it.
  • Then, tap the “Messages” button at the bottom.
  • Choose who you want to receive messages from. (Favorites, recent contact, or even all contacts)

This would enable Siri to send you messages through Siri.

How do get Siri to read text messages while the phone is locked?

You must do the following to know the same:

  • Go to settings and click on Face ID & Passcode.
  • Enter your passcode when asked.
  • Scroll down to the allow access when locked section.
  • Turn everything on, especially Siri.

How to stop using Siri to read a message

There are various ways you can do this according to your Airpod model.

  • You can say “Stop” or “Cancel” and Siri would stop reading your message.
  • Double-tap on either of your Airpods. This works on the 2nd generation only.
  • Press the Force Sensor on either of your Airpods 3rd generations.
  • Press the Force Sensor on either of your Airpods Pro,
  • Press the digital crown on your Airpods Max.

By following these processes according to your Airpod, you would be able to stop Siri from reading your message.

Can Siri read other languages?

Yes, Siri is made in a way that it can read messages in other languages too. However, there may be some languages that it can still not read as it is still being processed and worked on. Apple hasn’t been able to ensure most of the native languages so if we were to say then technically it would be that Siri cannot read all languages.

How to make Siri read my WhatsApp texts?

Siri can send and read WhatsApp texts but these features are only available on iOS 10.3 or later.

To enable Siri to reply to your WhatsApp messages, you can do the following:

  • Open settings
  • Tap on Siri and search
  • Turn on listen for Hey Siri or even just press the side button for Siri.
  • Navigate and click on WhatsApp
  • Turn on use with Siri.

You must remember and keep note that when Siri reads your messages, the sender does not get the blue ticks to show you have read.

Can this read my message function work on android?

No, unfortunately, this function does not work on an android; they are only limited to Apple.

For this announce message function to work, you need to have access to Siri and that is only possible on an Apple phone.

The announce message function is not working

To resolve this issue, you can try and do the solutions given below:

  • Restart your iPhone. You can do this by using one of the two-button combinations or even the force restart procedure. By doing this you would reset the features and it would help you out. Now, try connecting them again.
  • You can also consider forgetting your Airpods and reconnecting them again. After doing this you can try the announce message again and complete the process.

Ending thoughts

Airpods have always been helpful and with these newer developments like these have always been received well. Listening to messages through Airpods helps out a lot. While driving a lot of people used to check their phones which would cause accidents so due to this, listening to messages has become easier. On top of that, replying to messages has also become easier.

This helps you save time and stay safe. 

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