How to get water out of iphone charging port?

Firstly, you will have to take your iPhone, and please make sure that your phone’s Lightning connector is facing down. tap your iPhone gently against your hand to remove too much liquid, 

Secondly, make sure you find a dry place with a bit of airflow and leave your iPhone there. At least after 30 mins, take a Lightning cable or a connecting lightning accessory and try charging the phone.

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Procedures or steps to dry out my iPhone charging port?

Moreover, what is the purpose of an emergency override? By taking a risk it allows you to try and charge your iPhone by bypassing the liquid detection.

This reminds you that there can be water in your phone’s charging port or that your iPhone is damaged. Even so, if you are in hurry to charge the phone you will get an option to continue the charging.

People also have questions, like, what to do if the water enters the charging port? You will see that the water inside the charging port will automatically evaporate probably in 1 to 2 hours.

In any case, suppose by chance a liquid other than water enters the charging port of your iPhone, you will have to make sure that you slightly wash it with fresh water first, and then you can dry it using a dry soft cloth.

Here is the method to dry out your iPhone’s charging port: Try to find a dry area and leave your device for at least 1 hour and make sure that the charging port is facing down.

 This will allow the air to flow freely into the charging port and it will force the excess water inside the port to drip out all alone.

Please make sure that at any cost you shouldn’t charge your iPhone (while the Lightning port is wet) or else the pins that are present on the lightning port can cause permanent damage to your iPhone or maybe it can result to stop functioning due to corrosion, which might cause connectivity issues for your iPhone.

Can the “Emergency Override” / iOS 14 warning break your phone?

If you override or ignore the liquid detection warning during any emergency, you will be able to use the emergency override button to charge your wet iPhone. 

What is the purpose of an Emergency Override” / iOS 14 warning?

Nowadays people are showing up the importance of the Emergency SOS feature on their smartphones to help their family, friends, and close ones stay safe in public areas.

This iPhone feature specifically uses a loud siren that alerts people around you that you need help, additionally it also makes an automatic call to the emergency services in that area.

What are the steps or procedures to draw the water out of the charging port without rice?

You can use the fan to dry out the phone (try focusing mainly on the ports). Take an airtight container and see that it contains plenty of silica gel packets (the small white packets present in new shoes and bags).

This might help you in absorbing the moisture (the dampness present in your iPhone Please make sure that at any cost you shouldn’t charge your iPhone (while the Lightning port is wet) or else the pins that are present on the lightning port can cause permanent damage to your iPhone until you are completely aware that your phone’s charging port is dry.

Why does the charger not go into the charging portal of the iPhone?

There can be several reasons why your iPhone’s charger is not staying inside the port. There can be a possibility that the charging cable that you are using is damaged or the charging port of your iPhone is choked.

Maybe the charger or the charging cable you are using is of cheap quality or that cable is not compatible with your iPhone.

How can you draw out the water in your iPhone?

To make the iPhone’s exterior dry shake your phone lightly to draw the water out of any of the sockets, ports, crannies, holes, and nooks.

If your iPhone does not have a protective case – take out the case and shake the phone again. At last, make sure that you put out the SIM card and shake the phone a little bit more.

How can you know if the charger port is damaged?

  1. You have to check whether or not you have to place your iPhone at a certain angle for it to charge
  2. Do you get to see a little bit of off-colored remains all over the charging port?
  3. There is nothing wrong with the charger and the battery.

Does putting the phone in rice work?

You will see several websites on the internet suggesting that you can keep your electronic items in a bag of uncooked rice that has been accidentally submerged in liquid, to draw the water out of it.

But practically it does not work at all and it can damage your phone as dust and starch can go inside the phone which can cause many other issues.

iPhone damage signs or warnings –

  1. Sounds including music and phone calls will sound crooked.
  2. Static in your sound when connecting headphones.
  3. The phone will not charge or you can face several charging issues.
  4. The screen will become black or it can stop working or you will see blurred images.

Does water destroys the phone?

Once your phone has been infiltrated, water usually affects the phone when it reaches its internal circuit in it. So in case, your iPhone has a removable battery (in recent models iPhones do not have a removable battery) it’s better to turn off the phone and remove the battery

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