how to make Bluetooth speakers & computer speakers play simultaneously

Did you know that you can play on the computer speakers and Bluetooth speakers at the same time? But there are a few problems like your computer speakers are wired and the audio the very high and of better quality. The Bluetooth speakers on the other hand are much more powerful and handy, wireless, and come with a slight lag. Even if you try keeping your speakers on top of your computer still you will understand that the audio comes after a second. At certain times you will feel that horrific. But there are ways to make things work your way.

The easiest way to make both speakers work simultaneously is by making sure that your speakers are at default in the windows sound settings. This solution works perfectly for Windows 8, 8.1, and 10. Then set the sound settings for two speakers, then connect your Bluetooth speakers to the computer by computer’s Bluetooth connectivity or by using any third-party sources. just make sure that the computer speaker you use (external or internal), is on.

Once everything is prepared, right-click on the volume button and click on the option “sounds”. This option will lead you to an open window from where you can select the playback tab. if anyhow the volume button is not on your taskbar, then you can be able to get the same settings from the control panel and select ‘SOUNDS’. In the Playback tab, you will be able to see your connected speakers. After that, you will need to right-click on the speakers and set them as default- both the Bluetooth and the computer speakers. After that, if your speakers appear grey then it means you have not yet established them as default. From the sounds window, open the recording tab and then right-click on the microphone, which might appear as a stereo mix, after that select the microphone properties and you will see a new popup. then from the new window open the listen to tab and check the box “LISTEN TO THIS DEVICE”, you will find a drop-down menu below the option, and you can pick the other speakers you need to listen to. When you are done with these then click APPLY on all open dialogs and you can start enjoying your music.

how to make Bluetooth speakers & computer speakers play simultaneously

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These settings above are for windows but what about the MAC owners?

To make it work you must do some adjustments. First, you will need to set up a multi-output device from the system preferences. You can use these settings for both internal and external speakers. The first step will be to connect the speakers to your computers over Bluetooth. One finder >> application, then navigate to utilities and then tap on audio MIDI setup. You will see a “+” button on the lower part of the screen.

After that click on the plus button and then click on “CREATE MULTI-OUTPUT DEVICE” from the panel on the left, select MULTI-OUTPUT DEVICE and then choose ‘USE THIS DEVICE FOR SOUND OUTPUT’ from there your setup is ready to pay on both computer and Bluetooth speakers. Although you might face challenges in adjusting the volume, then your two speakers will play at the same time. 

Other than sound settings from your computer there are other ways to play Bluetooth and computer speaker at the same time.

By using an audio mixer to play audio from two speakers

Even if you try adjusting your speakers from the computer sound settings, you might still face experiences like lagging sounds by a second. The easiest way to solve this is by playing two different devices playing at two different rooms. This way there wont be any problem when one device plays the audio few second behind the other device. Another challenge which you might face

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