How to manage face time on mac?

Face time is Apple’s in-built audio and video calling app. It is not necessary to have an iPhone to make Face Time calls, you only need to make calls through a phone number. Yes, you can enjoy seeing your friends and family through an iPhone, but a mac computer will provide you with face time calls on a bigger screen.

There must be a strong internet connection and a mac with camera and microphone to make face time on mac. If you want to make a call, go to the facetime app, click on the “New Face Time”, enter the name, phone number or the email address of the person you want to call.

It’s quite simple to make face time on a mac, but if you want to know more details about face-time calls and adding multiple people on call, then you must read the whole article.How to manage face time on mac

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What are the requirements for face time on mac computers?

Before calling or receiving face time on your mac, you must follow the steps required by Apple before talking with friends from a computer.

As a very first step, before setting up face time on the computer, ensure that your mac is updated with at least the OS×10.9 version. Also, the people whom you will call should have the OS×10.9.2 version updated on their computer or iPad or iPhone with iOS7.

The above mentioned are the basis requirements. You still aren’t ready to make a call on the computer. Go through some more requirements you need to follow:-

  •  You need to sign in face time using the AppleID. If you haven’t created one, then do it for free.
  •  Always make sure your mac has a built-in camera and microphone.

After checking all these, it’s a perfect decision to make a face-time call. The only thing to remember is, the person you are contacting must also have all the necessary updates on their devices, so that they will be able to receive calls.

Making face time on mac computers

You need to fulfill the necessary requirements in order to make a call on mac computers. After this initial step, you should move towards the next step of making a call.

  •  Click on the video camera icon, “New Face Time” button( face time icon may not be the same for all versions).
  • Enter the required contact information of the person you want to call, such as, their contact name, phone number, email address.
  • Then, click on the face time button at the bottom right of screen to begin a face-time call.
  • If you want to end the call, press on the red X on the bottom of the screen.

How to group face time on mac?

You can’t add more than 32 people on group face-time calls at a time. You can make a group call by pressing the New face time button & adding the contacts with whom you would like to face.

While you face time a group of people, observe that there are multiple boxes present on the screen, each one available for you to get hold of every individual. Maybe someone won’t answer the call at once. You can identify this through squares displaying “waiting”, which means that person hasn’t answered the call but can do it later.

During a group face time, you can choose to leave at any time without disturbing the rest of your mates. If the host leaves the call, people can still stay on call for as long as they want.

How to change the group face time call layout?

On a group face time call, notice that the person who speaks appears in a larger box & the rest of the group members will lie in the bottom row of the person’s speaking. You can change the group to a grid format, but only if you have macOS Catalina or a newer model.

For changing the group face time format, select the face time menu bar, click on ‘facetime’, then ‘Preferences’ & now deselect ‘speaking’. If you want, there’s always an option to go back into preferences & change the format into default position where the speaker gets a large video box. If needed, you can also click on the person’s square so that their video appears larger in group chat.

How to add more people to face time on mac?

Yes, it is convenient to add another person ringing, though you are already on a group face time call. Just click on the sidebar button present in face time & press the + when you receive a call during face time.

Can I receive face time calls on a mac computer?

Yes, it is quite easy to answer a face time call. The information of the person calling will be displayed on the top of your screen. It’s your choice to accept or decline the call. You will observe, a drop-down arrow beside accept & decline.

When you press the drop-down arrow next to the accept button, then it will provide an option to answer an audio face time call instead of video call. But when you press the arrow next to the decline button, it will remind you to call that particular person later or you can instantly send a message to them.

How to use a face time link?

Create a face time link

You can provide a link to anyone who wants to join your group call. Use a face time app on a mac monetary to make a link. Click on the ‘Create Link’ & share with the people with whom you want to face time.

Join face time through link

There is an option available to-join a face time call without an iPhone or mac. There’s no need to create a free Apple ID to join the call. You must have a better internet connection, an android or Windows device & the latest version of Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome.

After receiving the link for a face time call, press on the link, enter your name and press continue, the host will let you on the call. Once your work is done, press the red ‘leave’ button and you will be off the call.

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