How to pay for apple music?

Apple Music may be a music and video streaming service accessible to Apple device house owners United Nations agency pay a monthly subscription fee.

 The subscription permits free downloading of nearly any song or music video found on iTunes to the user’s Apple Music app, instead of paying the $0.69-$2.99 per song or music video, creating it AN unquestioned cash saver for music lovers. However, an issue several Apple Music enthusiasts have is that you’ll pay the subscription fee with iTunes gift cards. Because Apple Music is directly connected to the iTunes store, Apple device users pay the monthly subscription fee on AN iTunes gift card, this can be achieved by redeeming the iTunes card within the App Store wherever it’ll become a district of your Apple ID balance. 

In this article, we’ll answer a standard question regather the membership of iTunes cards to get the money-saving subscription of Apple Music. Here, you’ll find out how to use the funds on iTunes cards to pay Apple Music subscription fees, the way to get Apple Music while not having AN iTunes card, and whether iTunes and Apple Music gift cards area unit an equivalent.

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How Do I take advantage of an iTunes Gift Card for Apple Music?

 If you’re a familiar consumer with AN Apple device, odds are a unit you’ve received a minimum of one iTunes gift before, and whereas these cards area unit fantastic purchases, you’ll solely use them to number amount of songs permissible by the funds provided, However, if you used that gift card’s funds to get AN Apple Music subscription, you’ll transfer a vast variety of songs and music videos per paid month. this can be doubtless the smarter monetary selection,

How does one get the iTunes card funds to pay the monthly fees of AN Apple Music subscription? 

Paying for AN Apple Music subscription with an iTunes card needs the user to redeem the cardboard within the app store, register for AN Apple Music subscription (if they haven’t before), and so select their Apple ID account balance, wherever the gift card funds reside because of the primary methodology of payment for Apple Music subscription fees.

The steps to iTunes card funds to get AN Apple Music subscription area unit are:

 Firstly, Click the “App Store” on your Apple device, then click the “Today” tab on the rock bottom left of the screen then click the person/profile icon within the high right corner to open your Apple account then click “Redeem Gift Card or Code” after that  Scratch off the code cowl on the iTunes card and so enter the code in your device manually or mistreatment the camera possibility, then click “Redeem” once the code is correctly entered, after that open the “Apple Music” app on your device (the note icon wherever your Apple library is found) and then click the “For You” one rock bottom of the screen then register for Apple Music (there is presently a proposal for 3 months free once beginning a replacement subscription) and choose the subscription possibility you wish then click “Start Free three Months” then choose your Apple ID balance for your payment methodology If you have already got AN Apple Music subscription and you wish to modify payment ways to an iTunes gift card, open the “Apple Music” app and click on the “Listen Now” possibility on rock bottom. You’ll then click the person/profile icon at the highest right of the screen and select the “Redeem Gift Card or Code” link. 

Here, you’ll equivalent steps we tend to mention higher than for redeeming your iTunes card and creating it as your primary payment methodology. Remember, the funds on your Apple ID balance can run out once the funds from your iTunes gift card area unit are depleted (unless you’ve got extra funds present), therefore you’ll either ought to refill it or select an alternate payment choice to continue your Apple Music subscription. 

How does one get Apple Music?

 The majority of payment choices area unit doable by coming into the popular payment methodology for your Apple ID. a technique to try to do this, except for the piecemeal guide listed higher than strictly for Apple Music, is to click the “Settings” app on your Apple Device. The first section you’ll see in your settings, at a lower place in the search bar, is your “Apple ID, iCloud, Media, & Purchases” choices. Click this and so click the “Payment & Shipping” possibility on the subsequent page. Here, you’ll add, edit, or amendment any payment methodology for the Apple ID you signed (you can enter an arcanum or make sure your fingerprint to open this page). the primary listing you’ll see is the default payment methodology, therefore if you don’t have any gift card funds related to your account, the payment methodology listed here can pay for your Apple Music subscription.

 Are iTunes and Apple Music Gift Cards the same? 

If you’re able to run to the shop kiosks and buy AN iTunes card for your or a friend’s Apple Music subscription, you may need to grasp that gift card you’re searching for, as there’s over one possibility. Apple users should purchase iTunes or Apple gift cards (there aren’t any gift cards labeled as Apple Music gift cards). whereas they’re 2 differing kinds of cards, they’ll each serve an equivalent purpose if you propose to use them to get AN Apple Music subscription.


Music lovers everyplace will heave a sigh of relief once learning that those unnumberable iTunes gift cards they received on birthdays, Christmas’, And alternative gift-giving occasions will be accustomed get months for an Apple Music subscription, permitting unlimited downloads of music and music videos. If you’re unsure of the way to use these funds, follow the rules listed here and keep in mind that whereas Apple gift cards may also get Apple Music, they’re typically higher for alternative Apple purchases, however, the selection is yours.

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