How to Screen Record on Mac Without Background Noise?

Screen recording is one of the most important things and you need to understand how to use it if you want to use your computer to its full potential. It surely gets frustrating when you record something on your screen but all the background noises show up and spoil the video. Here, in this article, we will help you find out how you can screen record on your Mac without any background noise showing up. Keep on reading the article to find out about the same. 

How to Screen Record on Mac Without Background Noise

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How to screen record on Mac?

To be able to use the screen recording function on Mac you just need to hold down the Command + Shift + 5. It would then proceed to open a toolbar with multiple options out of which you just need to click on options> built-in Microphone. You need to do this before you start recording to enable audio recording. 

Using Mac’s Screen recording

Apple has always been known for its newer and newer inventions. It has been adding more and more things that can help the users out more. Screen recording on the other hand is not something that is new. There are two ways that help you in screen recording on Mac, they are:

  • To press command + Shift + 5 on your keyboard which would make toolbar come up on your screen from where you can click on options which allows you to record the whole screen or specific parts or ever just selective apps. 
  • The second way to do this is by using Apple’s software which would record your screen with the help of QuickTime Media Player. This app comes up on your computer and will help you to take screen recordings. It gives a lot more options than the normal method.
    QuickTime Media player lets you choose if you want any sound input for your screen recordings, though it is not easy to record sound from other devices, but selecting your microphone as your audio input device is good.

Using Noise Suppression 

In case you just only want your voice to be heard you would need to do something about it to stop the background noise. The most common thing one can do is go to a secluded and quiet place to record but it is something that cannot always happen which is why you need to try some functions. 

  • You can edit your recordings to block out any possible background noises. You would need to open QuickTime player on your Mac and open the screen recording and then highlight the section from where you need to remove the background noise from.
    Then, go to the effects tab> noise removal> move scale according to the amount that you wish for.
  • One of the most simple ways is to mute your computer. By doing this, you would be able to record your screen without any noise.
  • You can use the headset with a microphone. Microphones have a specific way of noise suppression function where they only capture your voice. If you use them, you would be able to reduce the background noise.

Try using alternative screen recording

In case you have difficulties screen recording on Mac or do not want to use QuickTime player, you can try some of the alternative options where you would be able to screen record and remove the background noise. 

One of the app that allows you to do this is Zoom. It is often used to hold business calls or take classes or just communicate. Zoom also allows an option of screen recording without the background noise. 

You just need to open Zoom up, start new meeting and click on screen sharing button at the bottom center. After doing this, you can select what you want to screen share and click on the record button. 

In the audio setting you can also adjust them according to what you want to put. It has input sensitivity section from where if you increase the sensitivity, the microphone would pick up every small sounds and if you decrease the sensitivity then your microphone would ignore everything but your voice. 

The good thing about Zoom is that you can mute your microphone which will easily filter out all of background sounds. It should be an easy matter to filter or block out sounds from your screen recording by using this method. 

Try using the Solid App

The solid app tool can reduce noise before you start recording whatever you need to. It has an option called noise removal which provides you a set of noise that you can remove. With this app, you can select portions according to a waveform that shows in case there were any interference. You can then select those portions and reduce noise from them. 

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