How to track dead apple watch?

You can only track or locate a lost or missing device using Find My. If you do not enable Find Me on your watch before it goes missing, then there’s no other Apple service that can find, track or otherwise flag your device for you. 

If you have to find an Apple watch after the battery dies, search for Find My app on your home screen & open it. Tap on the device tab & choose Apple Watch from the list of devices. Pull up the menu until you find Mark as in the lost section. 

How to find the last location of my dead Apple watch? 

  • Visit & sign in with your Apple ID & password.
  • Select, Find iPhone from the icon grid.
  • Select all devices at the top of the screen.
  • Pick the apple watch from the list
  • Now, the map will show the location of the Apple watch

Can I track my Apple watch online? 

It is not possible to track an Apple device on iCloud if it appears offline. Offline means it is not connected to an internet connection, so there is no connection to the data & device the systems can’t communicate with each other. Until it is online, you can’t track it remotely. 

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Can I use my iPhone to locate my Apple watch? 

 Yes, you can locate your Apple watch using the Find My iPhone feature. You can use the Find My iPhone app on your iPhone or log into on your computer. If the Apple Watch is nearby, you can play a sound that will help you find it. 

Can Apple replace stolen watches? 

No, Apple Care does not cover losses. Neither Apple’s Limited Warranty nor AppleCare+ can provide a replacement Apple watch that is lost. Make sure to follow instructions in respect of your lost Apple Watch, if your Apple Watch is lost or stolen. 

Can I track my phone if it’s dead? 

If a phone’s battery is dead, it will not respond to attempts to locate it via GPS. Look for the mobile that automatically records your android phone’s last known location just before the battery runs dead. 

What will happen if I mark my apple watch as lost? 

If you mark your Apple watch as lost, your watch is locked with a passcode so that others can’t access your personal information, & your ability to pay with Apple pay using credit or debit cards is suspended. 

How to find the owner of an Apple watch? 

You can put a sign that you have found a watch & your contact details. If someone contacts you, you can ask them to describe the watch. If they explained the correct size, finish & band, then you find the owner. 

How to check if my Apple watch is stolen by serial number?

First, check-in Apple watches set. Through this method, you can check the Apple watch serial number stolen. You can know the serial number of Apple watches that are paired with an iPhone earlier or at any time. Open the Watch app on your iPhone. Tap on the My Watch tab > Now tap on General. Tap on about & scroll to the serial number. 

How to turn on Find My watch? 

You can launch the My Watch app on your iPhone, & tap on your paired watch. On the next screen, tap the small information icon. Next, tap “Find My Apple Watch” & log in with your Apple ID to kick off the search. It will open the Find iPhone app & display the location of your watch. 

Why is my Apple watch not pinging on my phone? 

Check that Bluetooth & WiFi are both enabled on your iPhone & your devices are close by each other. Make sure you haven’t enabled Airplane mode on your watch. Disable & re-enable Bluetooth on your iPhone. 

How can I make an iPhone ring on my Apple watch? 

First on your iPhone, in the watch app, go to the My Watch tab > Phone. Choose the custom & then select your preferred settings under each alert & ringtone & check if the Alert Volume is towards the center or right-hand side. 

How to find your iPhone using your watch? 

Open Glances by swiping up the watch screen. Swipe until you see the settings glance, which is the left-most glance screen. Tap the pinging phone button. Your iPhone will emit a short, pinging sound that will help you find it even when it is in silent mode. 

Can Apple cover stolen phones? 

With AppleCare+ Theft & Lost, you can get everything included in AppleCare+ & up to two incidents of thefts or loss coverage every 12 months. It requires to Find My iPhone enabled on your device at the time it is stolen or lost.

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