How to transfer files to iPhone from laptop by using Bluetooth?

Bluetooth is an easy way to transfer files without involving any third party due to which it is widely used

How to transfer files to iPhone from laptop by using Bluetooth?

The iPhone’s iOS makes transferring files through Bluetooth problematic, depending on the model of your laptop. MacBook users can easily transfer files from mac to iPhone and vice versa using Bluetooth. however, if using windows or other operating systems people will encounters compatibility issues because of which they will require an involvement of a third-party application.

Stated below are several ways on how to transfer files from your laptop to your iPhone.

How to transfer files to iPhone from laptop by using Bluetooth (1)

How to share files from my MacBook to iPhone via Bluetooth

  •   turn on Bluetooth of both the devices.
  •   then select the Bluetooth icon on the top of mac screen then it will show an option of selecting the file you wish to transfer.
  •   After that, the file to be send is selected, accept it on your iPhone.
  •   Drag the selected file to the Bluetooth icon on your MAC
  •   The icon which is in the utility folder inside the application folder, is in turn located on your hard disk
  •   Find your phone in devices in the range setting by clicking on the search button in the send file window
  •   Click on your phone name and pair it
  •   Select your file and click send
  •   For successful transfer of your files, you will require a passkey
  •   The passkey will be in the mac book, enter the passkey on your phone

After this, your files will get transfers from your MacBook to iPhone easily.

However, there are some things to keep in mind for the transfer

  • Make sure that both the devices are paired
  • Your mac and iPhone should be discoverable.
  • Ever after pairing if there is a problem in the transfer, try disconnecting and connecting again.
  • You should have permission to send files from your device. you can also enter a password and confirm it yourself

How to share files from my iPhone to my MacBook via Bluetooth?

  • You must pair both the devices
  • Go to the apple menu under system preference, after pairing
  • Click on the Bluetooth and see the Bluetooth status in the menu bar
  • Select your mac from the list of devices
  • Find and select the file you wish to transfer on your phone
  • You should select the intended mac and initiate the transfer proceeds
  • There will be a pop up in your mac and it will show the progress of the file transfer
  • If you choose to use Bluetooth file exchange on your mac, files will be sent and received with an application
  • There should be a supporting application to facilitate the transfer
  • You have complete control as to where the transferred filed is to be stored.

Three are a few things you need to be careful about.

  • The devices should be connected properly
  • They should be discoverable when pairing
  • You need to set the Bluetooth file manager before sending and or receiving files

How to transfer files between iPhone and window pc using Bluetooth?

iPhone works under iOS system which window PC under window operating system

There are a few methods to do so

  • Install the latest version of iTunes on your PC
  • Then connect your iPhone to your pc, this can be done either by using a lighting connector or by WI-FI syncing through a wi-fi connection
  • Start the iTunes on your pc and select the iPhone option on the top left of the window
  • Chick on file sharing
  • Select the desired files and the transfer will be instantaneous

Other method is through VLC

  • Install a VLC player on your iPhone
  • Enable a protocol for wife sharing in the file synchronization settings
  • It will enable file sharing under a WIFI connection as it is IPv6
  • Go to the network tab and enable sharing through WIFI on your pc
  • You will be able to see your IP address located below the switch
  • On your PC, open any browser of your choice
  • On URL search bar, enter the IP address of your iPhone
  • Press enters, you will see a window that permits sharing trough files
  • Select the file you wish to transfer and drop them

To access the shared files on your iPhone, go to the folder named VLC. however, there is a limit to what you can send depending on the size and type of the files 

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