How to Transfer Music From Dell Computer to iPhone

Modern dell computers let you mirror your phone’s screen to your PC. mirroring allows you to drag and drop media between the two devices. However, file transfer is not yet enabled between dell and iOS.

iTunes was the go-to place for all iPhone users to transfer files as it was easier to do it, however people complain that iTunes has been wiping out the existing data on your iPhone instead of merging it.

A third-party iPhone data transfer program is another method of transferring music between devices. This method is gaining popularity in recent years because it takes less time and is easier to operate.

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Without using iTunes how to transfer music from apple to dell?

Even though using an iPhone is mostly recommended by Apple, it is not the easiest method. more if the music is not purchased or not from the Apple Music store. in those cases, using a third-party tool is useful as it supports iOS data. Examples of such tools are Eases Mobi Mover, Any Trans, and the iPhone app.

The steps are:

  1. Download the third-party tool on your computer
  2. Connect your iPhone to the laptop using a cable or by clicking on the option of “PC to Phone “transfer mode.
  3. Click data manager and select the file you wish to transfer and click open to confirm the process.
  4. The files you have selected are categorised in audio, then click ‘transfer’ to start the process.
  5. If you want to add more files to the transfer process then drag and drop them on the window before clicking the transfer button

You can add, delete and organize tracks. It also allows you to share purchased music between different Apple IDs.

Using iTunes, how to transfer files between iPhone and dell?

If you have apple songs then the best way to transfer music is by iTunes.

you will not have to worry about harming your device. However, the negative part of this transfer is that it wipes out the existing media from your iPhone. but you do not need to worry as you can send them back to your iPhone afterward.

Here is how to do it:

  1. Open iTunes and be sure that you have the latest version, if not update it.
  2. Connect your iPhone with your laptop and then open iTunes
  3. You can see all your music under the library category.
  4. Select the option of files and then select the option of “add the file to library”. then select the file you wish to share
  5. Select open
  6. Click on the iPhone option, then choose sync music and decide whether you want to share particular music or your entire library
  7. Then press erase and sync

The process will take some time to finish, it all depends on the size of the song and the network speed.

How does this mirroring technology work?

This technology allows you to use apps from smaller android devices on larger devices such as laptops. it can include any type of media allowing you to access it without touching your phone.

Dell computer released this application in 2018 named mobile allows you to make phone calls and send and receive texts and media along with notification 

Compatibility issues that are faced on iOS because of using the dell app mirror

you will have to own a Dell laptop from 2018 or later that has Windows 10. Also, your iPhone should be running on iOS 11 or above. and the new features of mirroring requires iOS 13 and above.

You will also need to have the dell mobile connect PC app. These are required so if you want a mirror make sure you have these.

How to mirror the screen on a dell computer?

  1. Click on the mirroring icon after launching the dell mobile connect app
  2. Select the option of mobile connects after a broadcast screen displays on the screen of your iPhone.
  3. To start the process, select the option to start broadcasting.

Closing thought

Using iTunes to transfer music between apple and dell is the most popular method as it is safe and easy. However, it can cause data loss. That is why nowadays using third-party apps is popular because it does not cause any data loss. the mobile connects app can also be used.

Hope this article helps 

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