How To Turn Off PS4 Controller On PC?

Play stations have been one of the best creations in the gaming industry as no matter a person is a child or adult, girl or boy, everyone likes to have an amazing gaming experience through play stations.

It introduces you to a wide variety of entertaining games and makes a person skillful. Getting a play station has always been a dream of many children and even some young adults.

How to turn off PS4 controller on PC?

Everyone likes to have some fun while playing different games on a play station, and when you connect your play station to your PC, your gaming experience enhances. Still, if you are a new PS4 user, it may happen to you that you complete your game, and when it is time to turn your device off, you get confused about how you fulfill that task?

Don’t worry. Here are 3 simple methods through which you can turn your PS4 controller off. You can choose any of these methods to complete your task.

By Using The Controller

  • Many people use this method because it does not require you to completely turn off your computer but hold down the PS button between two analog sticks for 10 seconds or more.
  • Your device should shut down within seconds without causing any technical glitch to your PC through this method. Nizagara

By Using Windows Settings

  • This method requires you to go to the DS4 windows setting.
  • In the settings, click on “disconnect the BT when Stopping.”
  • Now, if you will click on stop, the controller will turn off immediately.
  • If you want to use this method again and want to go to the DS4 window, click on the PS button between two analog sticks, and the menu will open.

By Using Console

If you want your PS4 to turn off automatically if you aren’t using it, then you can follow these steps with a “console” as it works with the console:

  • Click on Settings and select “power save settings.”
  • A new window will open. Click the “Set Time Until Controllers Turn Off” link.
  • Choose any time according to your preference, and the controller will turn off your PS4 if it’s not being used up to that time.

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Wrapping Up The Things

These were the three methods by which you can turn off your PS4 controller on your PC. Most people go with method no.1, but you can choose any of this according to your comfort level. Buy Cialis online

So, keep playing, and if you have any questions, you are free to visit our website to get your doubt cleared.

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