How To Underline Text on an iPhone

Yes, it is possible to underline a text in the message on an iPhone .To do so you must ensure that the setting to underline is turned on your phone.

And in case it is not, you will have to go to your general setting and then allow the option of underlining the text.

After doing this go back and try to type and long-press the text and swipe the text you wish to underline.

That portion of the text will be highlighted, then a pop-up will appear stating where you wish to underline or make it bold or highlighted. select the option to underline it and you are done.

How To Underline Text on an iPhone

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How to underline texts on Facebook

Facebook is very popular and the form of communication is mainly text messages. Even though you may not have heard it, you can underline the text there. There are simple ways to do it.

First, open the app, then type “bold text” in the box that can be found at the top of the screen. after that, a black and a silver logo will appear, tap on that logo.

Then you will have to click “go-to app” which will appear on your screen. The press allows the app to have access to your Facebook.

After you are done doing this, you can simply add an underline by pressing U and then start typing the message you wish to send in the app and then tap the text to send the underlined post to your Facebook.

Can we underline text on WhatsApp on iPhone?

On the different phones, the way to underline text on WhatsApp is different, in the case of the iPhone to underline a tax you will have to long-tap the text you wish to underline, once it is highlighted then the pop-up box will appear it will have options as to what you wish to do with the text, click on U that starts for underlining. your highlighted text will be underlined.

how to make a text bold on an iPhone?

It is not technologically allowed to bold text on the standard messaging app of the iPhone. 

However, it is possible to add a bold subject line to your text.

To do this, tap on the SMS/MMS heading that you will find at the bottom of the screen. then turn on the feature by toggling the button beside “show subject field”.

After you have done that, open the message and tap what you want to type, in the subject area type whatever you want to be in bold. once you send the message it will be bolded. the text may not be bolded but it does add something.

How to change the font on an iPhone?

You can have different types of fonts for your text but you will need to download an app for this to happen.

Once you are done downloading the app you will have to first select the option of settings then click general and then font. select the font you want to use and your text will have it. Features that iPhone offers –

Bolding and underlining text are very minor things to do on an iPhone, several other features can change and enhance your text such as standing out from the text. all you have to do is download a second app and turn the feature on. 

Hope this article helps 

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