How to Unforget a Bluetooth Device on Mac

Mac erases all the data regarding how to connect when you manually forget a device.

Try connecting it like you did the first time

And if your Mac automatically forgets, try running an SMC or PRAM reset, then try pairing the device.

It is simple to reconnect the device:

Ensure that the Bluetooth is turned on

Set the devices in the pairing mode

Select the name of the device that comes on your mac’s Bluetooth menu.

Once the device is paired your Mac will recreate all the data and permission that will be needed when you try to reconnect it again.

All the information is stored in the Bluetooth preference list labeled as “Bluetooth. Plist” on your computer.

Sometimes the device automatically disconnects without the users’ consent, this may be because of deeper issues that will be solved by SMC and PRAM resets.

System management controller (SAM) and parameter random access memory (PRAM) usually store and manage all information and processes of some of the most essential hardware on Mac which includes Bluetooth connectivity.

A quick reset of SMC and PRAM can solve issues like this. after you do this, you can easily connect the devices again. 


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Can you reset your Bluetooth module?

After trying SMC and PRAM reset, if you have a problem pairing your device then you can try resetting your Bluetooth module.  

 If you manually disconnect then this won’t help but if the device is forgotten without the user’s consent then this might help.

You need to perform a little trick to get debug options visible which is needed to reset your Bluetooth module:

  1.   Press down the shift and option keys together
  2.   Then click the Bluetooth icon in the menu bar
  3.   Like before other options will appear, but this time another option of debugging will appear
  4.   Click debug, it will remove all the devices
  5.   Then remove all the devices
  6.   Now again press down shift and option again
  7.   Reset the Bluetooth module and click

Then try pairing again

How can you recreate a Bluetooth preference file?

Another reason why this might have happened is that the Bluetooth preference list is corrupted.

This stores all information regarding pairing devices and states so if it gets corrupted, then you might need to remove and recreate the file.

Then try connecting it.

You can also do this in a very short time:

  •   Open the terminal window
  •   Type “Sudo rm/ library/preferences /com. apple. Bluetooth. plist”
  •   Enter your password
  •   Then restart your computer

You can also manually recreate the preference list by using Finder

To do this

  1.   Turn off Bluetooth in your Mac
  2.   Find folder preference in the library which you can find in the drive
  3.   In the folder, you will find com. apple. Bluetooth. List and drag it to your desktop.
  4.   In the finder window, right-click the original copy of the file
  5.   Move it to the trash
  6.   Enter the password if one is given
  7.   Then click ok
  8.   Restart the computer
  9.   Pair your Bluetooth device like you normally would
  10.   A brand-new Bluetooth. List file will be automatically recreated by mac

Ways to solve other common Bluetooth issues on Mac?

some tips that are helpful when it comes to unforgetting your device

  •   Sometimes all it takes is to restart the device or the computer. both your mac and another device
  •   sometimes problems are caused because of too many device connections, macs can support a maximum of 7 devices, but sometimes 2-3 devices are a lot if they are using a lot of data
  •   to solve the problem try removing some of the devices that are not needed at the present
  •   always update, sometimes when macs update, it also adds new features to improve Bluetooth connectivity, so make sure both the devices have the latest version. so, updating your device can sometimes be the key to all the problem
  •   Bluetooth always operates on a 2.4GHz band and sometimes other devices can interfere If they have the same band, mainly wi-fi routers, telephones, etc. so make sure there is no such interference between the devices.
  •   Sometimes because of low battery, this may happen, so unsure if there is a charge in your device and connect then the charge is adequate

I hope this article helps

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