How To Use Bluetooth Headphones on Xbox One?

When you’re into gaming, having multiple cables and wires around you is not something you would enjoy. It gets problematic when you play like that.

Sadly, Bluetooth function isn’t as widespread in the gaming side yet. Xbox one does not support Bluetooth connections despite having multiple amazing features. But you must know, this does not mean that you cannot connect your Bluetooth headphones to Xbox one.


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Which headphones are compatible with Xbox One?

Currently, only two types of headsets that are compatible with the Xbox One. They are as follow:

  • Headsets with wireless dongle: These are the types of headsets that would need you to plug in the dongle to your Xbox and then further connect the consoles to headphones.
  • Headsets that connect without dongle: this technology is reserved for the premium headsets. You would have to pay more to remove the dongle so your headsets would directly be connected to the console. To do this you would need to follow these steps given below:
  1. Turn on your headphones and make sure that they are not on low power mode.
  2. You would now need to put them in pairing mode. (Hold down the power button for a while)
  3. Turn on your Xbox One console and locate the paring button.
  4. Press the pairing button on your console till you see the LED lights blinking.
  5. Now, press the connect button on the wireless headset and press it till the LED starts flashing.

You must know that all instructions change according to the manufacturers.

How do I make non-compatible Bluetooth headphones work with Xbox one?

As we know already that Xbox One doesn’t support the use of Bluetooth headphones, you would have to rely on ingenuity and some tools to connect it to Xbox and enjoy the full experiences.

It depends according to what you are using or what you have but here are some ways you can try:

  1.  Connect the headset via a TV:

    If you have a TV that supports Bluetooth connections then you can try this way out. You just need to connect your headset to the TV and use it while you play Xbox. This however will only allow you to hear the sounds and would not allow you to chat with your mates.

How to connect Bluetooth headset via TV

  • Ensure that your console is connected to the BT TV
  • Once it is all connected, use your TV remote to select the input source.
  • Connect your Bluetooth headphones to your TV. Make sure that in the TV settings, Bluetooth is enabled.
  • Select your headset and wait till it is paired.
  • Once your connection is correctly established, you can change the input display to HDMI so you can plug your Xbox console in and start playing.
  1. Connect the Bluetooth headset via PC:

    This is possible with the Xbox app. For this to work you should keep both your Xbox and PC on the same network. Let’s learn how we can connect these two.

How to connect Bluetooth headset via PC

When doing this, you must pay extra attention to the fact that both your PC and Xbox are connected to the same network. You should also see that Xbox Console Companion app is already installed along with your PC having Bluetooth capabilities.

The process to do so is as follow:

  • Open the Xbox Console Companion app.
  • Sign in with your credentials that are the same as your console.
  • Click on the connection icon on the bottom left of the
  • Now, add your device if it does not automatically happen.
  • Once your console is detected, click on the connect button to complete the pairing. Then proceed to go to settings > device and streaming > device connections. Make sure to check the only from profile signed in on Xbox option selected under other devices. Also make sure that both boxes are checked in under the This Xbox option.
  1. Connect the headset using the Xbox App:

Through this process, you must keep in mind that you won’t really be able to hear any in-game audio on your headphones.

You can follow the steps given below to connect your Bluetooth headset to your mobile phone.

  1. The first and foremost thing you would need to do is to connect your Bluetooth headset to your iOS or android device.
  2. Once your headset is perfectly paired with your device, you would now need to download the Xbox app on your device.
  3. After the app is downloaded, access the social menu at bottom of the screen.
  4. Once you have accessed the social tab, tap on the headset ion yon top right corner of the screen.
  5. You will now be redirected to the party chat interface and here you would be able to join or create new parties and start playing games on your Xbox.

Ending thoughts

While connecting Bluetooth headsets using all these various methods may be helpful, it is also advised not to use these and rather invest in headsets with dongles.

You should know what Bluetooth function helps you the most and then work according to that.

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