How to use Spotify in Windows 10

When it comes to streaming top worldwide musicians, Spotify is the world’s must-to-have application. It doesn’t matter whether you’re on your computer or your phone, Spotify has you covered.

Listen to thousands of albums and singles, or select your favourites and make the personalised playlists that you can access offline. Listen to thousands of albums and singles, or select your favourites and make the personalised playlists that you can access offline (only for Premium subscribers). To put the proper mood at any point during the day, look through Spotify’s public playlists.

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Features of Spotify 

How to use Spotify in Windows 10

  • Spotify Premium APK permits you to listen to over 50 million songs, podcasts, and audiobooks, generate and share playlists, follow friends on Spotify, and receive updates on the latest songs for free and without any limits.
  • You won’t be annoyed by adverts when listening to songs, podcasts, or audiobooks.
  • It is not necessary to connect to the internet to download music and listen to it.
  • The audio quality is outstanding, which adds to the enjoyment of listening.

Steps to use Spotify in Windows 10

Let us now deflect our attention to the article’s important point. We have listened to music on our smartphones, which is certainly possible, but what should we do if we wish to listen to them on our laptop or desktop computer? This article will provide a comprehensive response to your query.

  1. Select the Microsoft Store icon in your Start Menu to access the app store. It has the appearance of a white shopping bag with four different coloured squares on the front.
  2. Type Spotify into the top-right corner of the Microsoft Store’s search field, then click Enter.
  3. As a consequence of your search, you’ll be shown a range of apps. Select the Spotify Music green icon.
  4. If you choose Spotify Music, you’ll be taken to the Microsoft Store’s Spotify Music page. Choose a blue colour. Get the Spotify app downloaded.
  5. Windows 10 will automatically install the app and notify you via a system notification once it’s ready for use. Installation should only take a few minutes.

Steps to Log in to Spotify in Windows 10

  1. On your Windows 10 device, launch the Spotify Music app.
  2. You’ll be sent to a screen where you can sign up or log in. Login should be selected. (If you don’t already own a Spotify account, select Sign Up Free and create one before proceeding).
  3. You can log in using Facebook, your Spotify email address, or your username and password on the next screen. Select Log In With Facebook if you’ve previously linked your Spotify account to your Facebook account. Otherwise, pick the green login button after entering your username or linked email address and password.

Steps to Sign Up Spotify in Windows 10

  1. Start the Spotify app for Windows 10.
  2. There will be a welcome screen in front of you. To sign up for free, click the green Sign Up Now button.
  3. Choose Continue after entering your email address, password, and nickname.
  4. Hit the button Join Spotify after typing your gender and date of birth. If you possess a Facebook account, you will be able to generate a Spotify account by choosing Join With Facebook.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Spotify?

  • It is a streaming platform where you can listen to your favourite tracks and podcasts.

How can I get Spotify in Windows 10?

  • You can get Spotify in Windows 10 by following the easy steps illustrated above.

How do I log in to Spotify on Windows 10?

  • The instructions have been mentioned in this post which you need to follow.


Spotify is such an amazing application that you should keep it installed on all of your devices. It has amazing features such as creating playlists, listening to podcasts and tracks of your favourite artists. Listen to music non-stop with this application.

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