Is It OK To Leave Bluetooth On All Of The Time?

Bluetooth is the most popular way of wireless communication. that can connect two or more devices.

They also have other uses such as connecting smartwatches accessing to the internet, sending and receiving file

However, is it okay to leave Bluetooth on all the time?

No, you should not keep it open all the time as it is the gateway for hackers to enter your phone and steal the data.

Before it was okay to keep the Bluetooth on however it was before hackers discovered that the phones could be hacked using Bluetooth.

However, the latest version of Bluetooth is safer and you can leave it on without the fear of it being hacked.

After your hand-free call or audio session is over turn off the Bluetooth to lock out the hacker. in case you don’t turn it off any hacker may invade and spread malicious software and access private information.

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How can I hacker gain access to any device using Bluetooth?

They use an attack vector that is called BlueBorne.

This infects all types of devices Android, iOS, and windows.

The attack vector spread through the air so all computers are at risk of getting attacked.

This virus also attacks TV, smartphones, laptop, and connected devices such as light bulbs and speakers. the most dangerous part is that I do not need to pair is your device to work.

The attacker does this in stages until they have complete control over the device.

First, they will find all available devices that need and when they find one, they will check the MAC address of that device.

Then they will check the operating system and try to misuse its weakness in the security area.

Once they get access to the device they will steal data 

This virus has devastating effects and the fact that it spreads through the air makes it more deadly than any other type of computer virus.

It spreads from one device to another very quickly. making it more dangerous.

Other than switching off Bluetooth what are the other ways you can protect your device from blue borne?

In the case of an android device upgrade your device to the latest version so that it can have the latest Google security patch, this setting is updated in September 2017, so people with phones that are bought after that will have this system by default.

Devices that use the Linus area are also at risk of getting affected by the virus.

The latest version of Linux protects blue-borne.

Ensure that you have the latest software and try not to use Bluetooth. And not keeping it open in public places.

Even though several companies have taken steps to ensure that the device remains protected from viruses. but still, you should be careful.

Does leaving the Bluetooth on for a long time drain the battery?

In general, Bluetooth does not consume a lot of charges and over the years as technology expands so does Bluetooth. the latest version of this consumes between 0.01 to 0.25w.

This can be considered insignificant as smartphone offers longer battery life.

When Bluetooth was initially introduced it did consume a lot of charges and therefore it was recommended to turn it off but now it is not a problem.

What is BLE and how does it help?

Bluetooth low energy came in 2011. it is the same as Bluetooth 4.0 and is made in such a way that it consumes less charge

It does not provide the best audio quality but is definably safer and also uses less charge.

You can leave them on without worrying about blue borne

All types of smartphones support BLE. it might be slower than the original one

As it takes less charge making it useful in the case of a smartwatch or other devices that do not work without Bluetooth once you connect this version of Bluetooth to smart devices, they work completely fine without draining your battery.

Closing thought

Unless you use the classic version of Bluetooth you will not need to worry about hacking.

However, it is recommended to turn off Bluetooth when not needed.

If you use Bluetooth of making hand-free calls and listening to audio you are safe but incise you use it a lot it is important to make sure that the devices are safe and the Bluetooth is turned off in public because you never know what other types of virus might come out in near future that can breach this system.

Hope this article helps



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