Is JBL Better Than BOSE?

In this article, we will be comparing JBL and BOSE’s Bluetooth speakers.


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About JBL


JBL also known as James Bullough Lansing started the company almost seventy years ago with just radios and drivers.

The main cause for JBL’s popularity is because of its affordable and good quality music gadgets. At present headphones and speakers are some of the most popular among users. JBL consumer division usually does these two lines of the product only.

JBL has also won multiple awards for their audio systems in the motion picture academy.

About BOSE


Bose is often considered a revolutionary appliance line of modern times. Amar Bose founded this company back in 1964 to make an amphitheater-like experience inside a small room.

Bose audio systems and specifically speakers usually depend on an innovative mechanism called Listener’s perception. They aim to find the best preferred audio settings that are pleasant to the ears of users.

Comparison of JBL and BOSE

Features BOSE JBL
Battery Average Good
Sound quality Has a soothing experience Has more bass effect along with a bass sound
Waterproofing Has excellent water-resistant ability Not all speakers have this feature
Portability Good as they have an oval and circular design Better as they have a more rectangular design
Cost Expensive Affordable
Voice control Yes Not present in ever model
Smart features Multiple features provided Not as much when compared

 We will now be comparing some JBL and BOSE speakers for this article purpose.

Bose Soundlink Revolve and JBL GO 3

When we compare the battery life Bose has a better battery life with up to 12 hours whereas JBL only gives up to 6-8 hours. On talking about the waterproofing and portability both of them are easy to carry. JBL GO 3 has an IPX7 rating whereas Bose has a rating of IPX4.

Both of these speakers are known for their sound quality. JBL GO 3 works better with an android device and Bose is better for IOS devices. Bose also has voice assistant support whereas JBL doesn’t provide that.

Bose Soundlink Revolve+ II and JBL Xtreme 2

Both these speakers are in the same price range and it often gets hard for buyers to decide between them. We will be telling you more about them.

When we compare the battery life Bose has a battery life of up to 8 hours whereas JBL gives an extremely impressive 14 hours on a single charge itself. On talking about the waterproofing, JBL has an IP rating of IPX7 whereas Bose has a rating of IPX5.

Both of these speakers are known for their sound quality. They both produce good and clear bass effects along with rich sounds.

Comparison between BOSE and JBL

  1. Sound quality

Bose speakers offer better sound for a lower range and their sound becomes distorted at the volume of 7-% or higher. Bose speakers are ideal for people who like listening to softer music as Bose speakers offer crisper music with close detail to music qualities.

On the other hand, JBL is the opposite of Bose. They are ideal for hip hop. The JBL speakers radiate higher vibration levels and emit better and deeper bass tones. Even at higher volumes, their sound does not get distorted. It is your ideal speaker if you like the Boom effect.

  1. Portability

JBL speakers come in a rectangular design which makes them easier for carrying. Some of their speakers even have a protective cover so that the speaker does not get damaged. Bose speakers are usually round or oval and are usually in basic designs.

These speakers come with handles and straps to ensure they are easy to carry and they also have a stronger grip to prevent accidental damage in case it falls.

  1. Waterproofing

Both Bose and JBL offer waterproof ratings but in the case of Bose, the average is IPX4 which means you can only keep your speakers in water for not more than 30 minutes. Whereas, JBL provide a higher average rating of IPX7 or the least IPX5 which means these speakers can better withstand water damage.

  1. Connectivity

Connectivity is different for both these speakers. But if we look at performance, it’s more or less similar. Bose offers a voice controlling feature and other smart features and JBL only provides voice control features using Siri or Google assistant. Both these speakers offer Bluetooth version 4.2 or higher. The range for JBL is 30 ft or larger.

Bose speakers are better for a Wi-Fi connection. Bose speakers also come with an Airplay connection which works better for IOS device users. Bose is known to be better for IOS users too. JBL also offers other connectivity options like an AUX cable. JBL speakers are also known to be better for android users.

  1. Battery Life

JBL speakers have more commendable and impressive battery life. Like Bose usually offers an average of 5-8 hours of playtime whereas JBL provides playtime of 12 to 15 hours which is very impressive.

JBL has a better battery performance in ways that people often experience that Bose speakers start getting battery drained after 1-2 years of purchase whereas JBL speakers provide constant battery performance for a longer time.

  1. Cost

For most buyers, the cost becomes a major deciding factor. If you have a tighter budget, you should go for JBL speakers as they are more affordable despite the size. JBL speakers are also known as being more value for money speakers.

Bose speakers are slightly more expensive than the JBL speakers but that doesn’t mean that their quality is bad.

Ending thoughts

Whether you should go for JBL or BOSE is a choice that you as a buyer need to make as that is something that depends on your budget and preference. If you want something that is louder and has a better bass then you should go for JBL but if it is something that needs clearer audio without a deeper base then you should go for BOSE.

What you must remember is that it should fit your liking, your budget and your needs. 


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