Is jbl flip 5 waterproof?

Everyone considers the two most important factors while searching for a new speaker, portability and sound quality. We know that electronics and water cannot be comfortable with each other. Though jbl flip 5 advertises that it is a waterproof speaker.


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Is jbl flip 5 waterproof in a shower?

Yes, you can bring the speaker into shower, they won’t be damaged. JBL Flip 5 is partially waterproof, which makes it the best choice among customers for listening in shower, rain or at poolside parties. But, if you fully submerge it, then the speaker might not work properly.

According to the company, the last few generations of flip speakers produced are partially waterproof. Therefore, you can take them into water partially but should not submerge them.

It’s not a big deal if your kid splashed the flip 4. Make sure they don’t drag your speaker underwater, otherwise say goodbye to your dead speaker. If the seals of flip 4 are not closed properly, humidity from a shower could cause damage.

Some issues have been reported, that humidity resulted in the turning off & on of the speaker even after the seals were totally closed. Now, the jbl flip 4 & flip 5 are IPX7 and are waterproof.

If you want to carry your flip 5 speaker under a shower, then you are free to do so. But, read out some details about flip.

Jbl flip 5 waterproof IPX7 certification:-

IPX7 certification will help you to know that the speaker is water resistant. JBL speakers have this IPX7 rating.

The IP stands for “International Protection”,& consists of levels from 0 to 9. IPX7 is level 7, which means you can submerge the speaker with up to 1 meter of water.

The product needs to have an IPX7 certification in order to be waterproof. Some manufacturers use the “waterproof” term & apply it to low rated IPX such as IPX4, which can get splashed but can’t be

submerged in water. This is very common. You always check the label and read customer’s reviews before buying.

Are generations of jbl flip 5 waterproof?

Flip 5 was an updated version of Flip 4, which came in August 2019. The company removed the jack input and hands-free kit function which caused problems in the past.

Flip 5 also provided good sound quality. Flip 4 didn’t come with an IPX7 waterproof covering. Flip 3 was rated only as “splash-proof”, so you can’t take it in a shower.

Can I carry jbl flip 5 on the beach?

Yes, you can carry the speaker with yourself to the beach. Place on a top place from sand to keep it safe since sand is an enemy of electronic devices.

The portable speakers have a number of tiny holes, so it’s definitely easy for the sand particles to seep inside the speaker. The fine particles of sand act brutally on electronics, therefore be cautious.

JBL Flip 5 speakers are loud:-

Bathrooms are naturally acoustic places, particularly in showers. A loud speaker could be too loud if you put them in the shower. It won’t harm you since jbl is creating portable speakers, but be aware before trying it.

What if jbl flip 5 waterproof speaker is dropped in the shower?

No need to worry if your IPX7 certification flip 5 speaker dropped in water. It can survive if taken into a bath by a child.

But, make sure your speaker doesn’t drop on a solid surface from a few height. The speaker can get damaged. The materials of the speaker are durable. The new flip 5 Eco is made from 90% recycled plastic that can sustain some damage.

Some users reported off-colored spots in the areas prone to damage & few claimed that inner components were totally ruined.

Are jbl flip 5 speakers steam proof?

The flip 4 & flip 5 speakers are IPX7 certified, they can sustain damage from steam. Some issues have been reported that speakers are affected by steam. Earlier, flip 3 speakers of lower IPX ratings were damaged by steam. But, it may not happen with flip 4, flip 5 or flip 5 Eco.


You should not worry about bringing the new jbl flip 5 portable speaker into the shower. The speakers with IPX7 ratings, would prove to be water resistant.

Steam & splashes can’t harm the speaker and you can submerge it in a few feet of water. The speaker can be affected by the little grains of sand. Be careful while carrying your speaker at the beach. Save it from sand. Do not worry about the water.

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