Is The Apple Watch Waterproof? (Solved!)

The apple watch is in fact another great invention by Apple. The recent model Apple watch series 7 offers great advantages. From better charging to retina display to even enhanced durability.

It is believed that this new model of Apple watch can resist water better than any previous model before but is it actually waterproof? Or is it just another myth? If it is water proof, how much can it resist?

The water resistance depends on what model of Apple watch you have but if by chance, you have the brand-new apple watch 7 series then you can say that it’s waterproof. But for other older models, we are here to educate you more about the same.

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Waterproof or Water-resistant?

The difference between water-resistant and waterproof is not as much as you may believe, it is just that water-resistant means that it would be able to resist the penetration of water to some degree but not fully while water-proof means that it would be able to block out the water completely. No matter how much water is poured or no matter how deep a waterproof object is submerged in water, no amount will go in.

Are Apple watches waterproof or water-resistant?

Now, if you own the older version of Apple watch, like the OG version or Apple watch 1 then you might be out of luck because those versions are only as far as splash resistant. Ones after that are only water resistant up to 50 meters of water and more.

What Apple watches are waterproof?

With every Apple watch you get a rate that shows how waterproof they are or how water-resistant they might be. Any Apple 2 watches are rated as water-resistant up till 50 meters of water. They have the WR50 written on them. Ones before Apple 2 are only splash resistant. Submerging any of the generation 1 watches in water will only result into an electrical failure.

No Apple watch models are waterproof. They are only water-resistant. Apple watch 2 is rated for swimming at shallow depths like swimming poofs or the beach as it can take water up till 50 Meter. You can even shower with these Apple 2 watches but it is, of course, not advices to expose the watches to anywhere near the toiletries as they can harm the water seals.

One of the main things to remember is that a watch being water-resistant does not mean that they will remain the same always. The water-resistant strengths only last up till the seals and adhesives stay intact. Once these break down, then your watch becomes vulnerable to damage.

To keep the adhesive secure, you should avoid going to steam rooms or sauna, soapy water, exposing the watch to chemicals, or even dropping as that too may affect the seal and cause it to break.

Just because your watches are said to be water-resistant does not mean you should be exposing them to extreme conditions and testing them.

Can you swim with your Apple watch?

This again depends on the model you might have. If it is Apple watch 1 then the answer is not, you cannot. This is because these watches are only splash resistant and would get damaged and have an electrical failure if submerged in water.

But if you have Apple watch 2 or above up, you can take them in swimming as they have a water-resistant level up till 50 meters. You can even take them to the beach and ocean. After swimming you must remember to clean your watch with clean water to wash off the chlorine or saltwater which are chemicals that can cause some harms.

Apple watches starting from model 2 till newer ones are all good choices for swimmers are are recommended.

What does the water drop icon on Apple watch mean?

When your apple watch is submerged in water, your watch activates the water lock which helps protect your watch from water damage. This also locks the screen and makes it impossible to perform any functions. When you are down swimming or even running in the rain, you can unlock and eject water that has gotten in. The Apple watch will create a vibration that would remove water from the speakers and would only take a few seconds to happen.

How to remove water from the watch?

To do this, you must follow the steps given below:

  1. Swipe on the bottom and open the control center
  2. Tap on the water droplet that is the water lock
  3. Turn the digital crown to unlock the screen and also clear water from the speaker using the vibrations.
  4. Doing this will help you remove the water off from the watch.

Ending thoughts

Though the Apple watch is not waterproof, it is water-resistant. You can take any model of Apple watch after the second model into water till 50 meters but that doesn’t mean that you have to test it and do that.

You must handle your watches with proper care as any electronic item is very delicate. Treating them properly will only increase their durability. 

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