JBL Boombox 2 (I love It, Wife Doesn’t – Here’s Why!)

If you’re within the marketplace for a brand new boombox, the possibilities are you’ve seemingly detected the JBL Boombox two. However, you will not have a transparent plan of what it’s preferred to own and use this boombox. As luck would have it for you, I do have expertise in the victimization of the JBL Boombox two, and I wish to use this text to share my thoughts. 

While I in person love this product in additional ways than one, my adult female doesn’t share my opinion. Thus, during this review, I’ll take care to touch on each side of JBL Boombox’s two arguments. 

Read on to find out if this boombox is the right alternative for you. 

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Why do we like the JBL Boombox2?

Let’s begin by discussing several of the highest reasons that the JBL Boombox two is my alternative. 

In the section below, I’ll detail many of the options and capabilities that build this product well and value your thought next time you wish to shop for a brand new boombox. 

Overall Sound Quality

The most obvious point of the JBL Boombox two is sound quality. 

While you’d expect any of the highest speakers on the market to perform well during this class, this product goes well higher than and on the far side of expectations. At times, it’s arduous on behalf of me to minimize what quantity I have enjoyed the output of this speaker. 

This product will best generate a deep and powerful bass that you simply will feel wherever you utilize it. Along with side quality, this speaker will be unbelievably loud similarly. Thus any time you would like to traumatize the noise of a rowdy party, the JBL Boombox two can get the duty done higher than most.

For anyone UN agency who needs to crank their music all the high at their next outing, I extremely advocate that this speaker be your 1st alternative. because the manufacturer boasts that the JBL Boombox two can cause you to want you on the flooring of your favorite cabaret. 

Outdoor Use

What I take advantage of is my JBL Boombox two for many outside gatherings. Anyone UN agency that has tried is aware that enjoying music in an outdoor setting will be frustrating. Once individuals are around, their voices can traumatize the music you’re attempting to play. to not mention wind and automobile sound typically interfere similarly. 

In those situations, you would like to trust a speaker which will turn out spectacular volume and maintain the standard of its output. As mentioned within the section higher than, the JBL Boombox two delivers on each of those fronts. I will tell you from experience that I’ve used this speaker everywhere, from beaches to tailgates, with no problems. 

However, volume isn’t the sole feature of this speaker that produces it appropriate for outside use. it’s additionally waterproof, which means that you simply won’t get to worry regarding it wrong once it rains. 

This model additionally comes with a convenient handle that produces it simple to require from place to put when you’re out and regarding. 

Convenient property

One of the lesser-known edges of the JBL Boombox two is its spectacular property capabilities. That property comes in many forms, and every one of them makes your listening expertise convenient and pleasant. 

First, the JBL Boombox two uses Bluetooth to attach wirelessly to your mobile devices. It additionally contains a feature that enables you to link multiple JBL speakers right away. Doing this offers you the prospect to create the sound recording of your party louder and more immersive than ever before. 

What’s additionally convenient regarding this speaker is that it permits you to charge your devices via a USB port. The simplest half is that you don’t get to stop your music even after you are charging another device. 

Long-Lasting Battery

If you select to shop for the JBL Boombox two, you’ll quickly come back to liking its battery life. whereas different speakers are sensible for simply many hours, this one exceeds those lengths by loads. On one charge, this speaker will last for twenty-four straight hours of use. 

What makes that battery life doable is the reversible atomic number 3 battery that this speaker comes with. The ability of that battery makes it simple to still stream music for the complete day and night. 

If you fancy a rowdy party, then you recognize what quantity of a buzzkill it will be once your speaker runs out of juice. thus do yourself and your party-goers a favor by selecting the JBL Boombox two.  

Why My adult female Hates the JBL Boombox two

While I’m a fan of this speaker, there are lots of reasons to not dig, as my adult female is fast to denote. 

Here are many of the explanations why the JBL Boombox might not be the speaker for you. 

Bulky style

One of my adult female’s highest complaints regarding this product is that it’s just too massive. and plenty of others share identical opinions. After all, nobody needs to choose a product they shall use typically solely to search out that it’s inconvenient to hold around. 

The size and form of the JBL Boombox two build it well-suited to manufacturing loads of volume and sound quality. However, those self-same traits build this speaker quite significantly. The entire weight of this speaker is quite thirteen pounds. 

For many, that weight is enough to eliminate this product from the list of speakers they’re considering. So, if you price a speaker that’s moveable, compact, and lightweight, recognize this can be not the one for you. 

High Cost

Along with being on the large facet, the JBL Boombox two comes with a somewhat hefty tag. the fact that one among these speakers can run you many hundred bucks may be an utterly sensible reason to appear elsewhere. 

Fortunately, there are lots of different speakers on the market that are much more reasonable. Those choices are typically a much better alternative for those shopping for a speaker for the primary time. instead of defrayment loads on a speaker which will offer you a lot of size and volume than you wish, attempt a lower-cost model 1st. 

However, if you recognize that you simply wish for the type of output and sound quality that a JBL Boombox two will offer, whereas my adult female doesn’t share this belief, I feel that this speaker has been worth the value on my behalf of me. 

What She Prefers Instead?

Now that it’s clear that there are some valid points to be made against the JBL Boombox two, it’s solely honest that we propose an alternative. My adult female suggests victimization of the nuclear physicist Revolve instead. That preference comes from the fact that the nuclear physicist Revolve contrasts the JBL Boombox two in many crucial ways. 

The nuclear physicist Revolve additionally contains a 360-degree sound output that contributes to its overall power. The tiny handle that attaches to the highest makes it extraordinarily simple to hold around. However, it cannot compete with the JBL Boombox two on battery life; a united charge equals solely thirteen hours of use. 

Despite those major variations, there stay many similarities that these speakers share. Each is waterproof and hooks up with your devices via Bluetooth. And whereas it’s abundant smaller, the nuclear physicist Revolve is shockingly loud. For those reasons and a lot of others, each of that merchandise is a fantastic choice for those searching for a top-of-the-line moveable speaker. 

Overall professionals and Cons for the JBL Boombox2

Based victimization of this boombox myself, the highest professionals of the JBL Boombox 2:

  • Excellent bass: If you price a booming bass sound, this can be the proper speaker for you. The JBL Boombox two has an incredible sound quality for each low and high note. 
  • Charging ports: This speaker includes a USB charging port. That way, it’s convenient to recharge your mobile devices while being attentive to your favorite music. 
  • Waterproof: be at liberty to bring your JBL Boombox two to parties without concern regarding it obtaining wet. This speaker is waterproof, thus you won’t worry about any spills inflicting harm. 
  • Impressive volume: Since the JBL Boombox two has spectacular volume output, it’s the right speaker to bring for an outside party or other loud gatherings. 
  • Wireless streaming: The JBL Boombox two comes with Bluetooth properties so that you’ll be able to stream your songs and playlists from your phone or pill. 
  • Battery life: enclosed together with your purchase of the JBL Boombox two, you’ll get a long-lived atomic number 3 battery. That battery permits you to play music incessantly for twenty-four hours.

Now that we’ve summed up the most mercantilism points of the JBL Boombox two, it’s time that we tend to review the highest cons similarly. 

JBL Boombox two Cons

Not most are the maximum amount of a lover of the JBL Boombox two as ME, and even I will denote the number of its flaws. Here are the highest cons of selecting this product:

  • Price: there’s no obtaining around the indisputable fact that the JBL Boombox two is on the pricier facet. Compared to competitive models, this one typically comes at a better value. 
  • Weight: The admirable sound output of this speaker comes at a price. This product is sort of significant, which may make building transport troublesome. 
  • Noise: For those that don’t wish for AN extreme quantity of bass and volume, the JBL Boombox two isn’t any longer a viable speaker possibility. 

The cons are higher than are value considerations before you decide on a procurement. As is the case with any product, the JBL Boombox  2 isn’t good. However, despite those drawbacks, bear in mind that there are lots of reasons that this speaker may be a nice alternative. 


You’ve currently got an interior glimpse of what it’s preferred to own the JBL Boombox two. I hope that hearing what my adult needs to say regarding this product can assist you in your boombox-looking ventures.

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