On Mac, how to quit epic games launcher?

Epic game is a go-to choice for gamers who are interested in the trills of games such as GTA or Fortnite. Now you can play right from your computer or laptop without any fancy gaming setting. However, if you are not very good with tech you might face some problems.


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On Mac, how to quit epic games launcher?

 to exit the app, use the red ‘X’ icon in the upper left-hand corner of the launcher to choose the window. and to completely remove the application from a Mac, click and drag the launcher icon and any associated folder into the trash then empty the trash.

How to install or reinstall the launcher? 

To download this launcher to need to follow these steps 

  • Go to the website
  • Click “download” that is on the top right-hand corner of the screen 
  • It will automatically install the correct form of the application for Mac versus windows 
  • After the download is complete double click on the epic installer disk image from your downloads folder
  • It will bring up a window titled “epic games launcher” 
  • Move your launcher icon into your applications folder.
  • Close down all the windows you had opened after copying over the launcher to applications is complete.
  • new icon with an image of a white box titled “epic games launcher” can be seen on the screen
  • Right-click the icon and select eject from the list of options 

If you want to reinstall the application, you need to completely delete the application. the process will completely delete any of your installed games. After everything is deleted, install the application again using the process mentioned above.

How to start and quit the launcher?

To start the launcher, click on the black and white games launcher icon to open the app.

if this is the first time opening it, you need to follow a few steps 

  • You need to confirm the opening in a small window, it pops up to warn that the app is from the internet.
  • After confirming its updates will be automatically downloaded 
  • The launcher will then be open and is ready to be used 

The closing process for this is like any other window application; you just need to click on the red “X “circle on the upper left corner of the screen. if you can not find the cross sign then press the escape button on your keyboard 

How to cancel the download of the launcher?

  1. You will be able to see a progress bar pop up when you click the blue “download” button on the website 
  2. On the right side of the progress bar, there will be an ‘X’ icon 
  3. Click it 
  4. It will cancel the downloading of the launcher 

However, if the launcher is at the point of copying over into your application folder you still get the option of deleting it by clicking the “X” button, however Mac downloads very fast, so just delete the application after the download is complete 

How to delete an epic game?

If you completely want to remove the epic game from your Mac, there are a few steps you should follow:

  • Close the launcher, in case it is open 
  • Check the activity monitor to see if epic games are currently running any updates etc., if anything is happening then wait till it’s over, when the application will be deleted everything along with it will also get deleted.
  • You can simply drag the epic game icon into the trash icon 
  • Then confirm the deletion
  • To remove other files the application shores in your Mac 
  • Go to the folder library and check for application support, caches, logs, and cookies for anything related to epic games 
  • Delete all those files 
  • It helps in opening up more space on your Mac 
  • Even if you want to reinstall epic games, still you have to make sure you delete everything to avoid or reduce clutter and confusion 

The compatibility between Mac and epic games

The epic game launcher is compatible with Macs. however not every game can be played on the Mac platform. you will need to check the games individually to see if they work on apple devices. to find the compatibility information select “about the game” for the title you are interested in.

It is also important to remember that from the 10.19.19 version of the launcher, epic games are not compatible or support MacOS10.9.

However, this will not be an issue for the Mac users as it is an older version, but make sure to update your Mac, if your Mac is not updated then you will not get the latest version of any epic game launcher updates. 

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