Ordering from Apple Here’s how long it takes?

If you want to try out an Apple product there is no better place than buying it directly from the Apple store. This is advised because Apple stores give us the option to collect the device directly from the store or have it delivered.

To know more about ordering from Apple and regarding the shipping, you can continue to read this article as this aims to answer these queries.

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How long does it take?

Usually most of the products that you buy from Apple take 1-4 days to be delivered. However, there are certain times when it takes longer than that and sometimes sooner. Apple processes orders in approximately 45 minutes and sometime you can get your orders delivered within the same or next day depending on the availability.

When you order something from Apple, you receive an order acknowledgement email which shows what you ordered and your details along with delivery estimates.

Shipping dates can change according to the product supplies too. If there are ever changes like these, the buyer is always notified.

Delivery estimates

The difference between shipping and delivery is that shipping means the timeframe it takes for the item to be prepared to be sent out from the warehouse. Delivery means how long it takes for the order to come to your house from the main center.

Apple’s orders depend on the availability of your item. The products that are in stock get shipped within a day. Items with longer shipping estimates are sent out within a week to 10 business days. And for custom-configuring items like MAC take additional time to be shipped out hence the time taken will be even more.

What does the order status message mean?

This tells you about your order and where it is.

Order received: It means that your order has been received by Apple but hasn’t begun processing. Apple starts processing after 45 minutes of the order.

Open: This means that your product has begun processing but is yet to be shipped out. When your product is shown “open” it means that Apple can now give u delivery estimates.

Partially shipped: This means that your order is out from the Apple warehouse and is in transit to be shipped to your address.

Shipped: This means that your items have been shipped from Apple’s warehouse.

Electronically delivered: This means that your activation key or software product has been issued for you

Completed: This means that your product has been completed and shipped fully.

Cancelled: This means that your order(s) have been cancelled.

Action Required: This means that something is incomplete from your side, either payment information or shipping information is incomplete. Once this information is completed the order will be processed and resumed.

Ship time

This is the timeframe in which the product is likely to leave the warehouse. Available ship time is the timeframe in which apple will ship your order. This can be within a day of ordering or even more. Usually if the order is taking more time than usual, Apple notifies the buyer about the same.

Delivery time

When you order from Apple, you have to select a time frame that is suitable for you. The options for the same are:

  • Standard delivery time: In this, you get your order withing 1-3 days of shipping
  • 9:00 am – 12:00 pm: the order is delivered within 1-3 days but only between these hours
  • 12:00 pm- 5:00 pm: the order is delivered within 1-3 days but only between these hours.
  • 5:00 pm – 9:00 pm: the order is delivered within 1-3 days but only between these hours

These delivery hours are free and no extra cost is needed to have a preferred time.

Can I cancel my order when it is preparing to ship?

Yes, you can do that. You can cancel your orders by going to the order listing page, selecting your items and then select the cancel item option. This way you will be able to cancel it. After you have submitted the cancellation request, the status message will read cancelled.

Types of shipping methods?

There are various types of shipping methods that are provided by Apple, they are as follow:

  • Ground Service: Items in this service are delivered withing 2-7 days after shipment
  • Two-day Express Service: Items in this service are delivered before the carrier cutoff and by 4:30pm within two business days
  • Overnight Express Service: The items in this service are shipped off before carrier cutoff and are delivered by 3 pm one business day after the shipment.

Ending thoughts

Ordering from Apple directly has its own pros and cons. Everything has a reason after all. Though it sounds very appealing, it is also very hard and daunting to directly buy from Apple. It is said that it’s better to buy non custom configuration products from a retailer. It would help you out more.

Always remember to follow up your status order so you know where your items are.

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