Philips ActionFit SHQ1200 Review 2021: An Ideal Sporty Companion


We all love music, but if we’re in a sporty mood or a gym mood then music becomes our best companion. And for this, you also require the best headphones with amazing quality, best sound, and effective price range. Below is the Philips Actionfit SHQ1200 Review.

Today, we’re going to review Philips ActionFit SHQ1200 which is a budget-friendly sporty headphone specifically designed for sports activities like running, workout, etc. But you can also use it for your general purposes.

Best Budget Friendly
Philips ActionFit SHQ1200 Headphones

Philips ActionFit SHQ1200 Headphones

This is one of the best sports earphones under a budget price range of Rs. 500. Due to its built-in design, amazing sound quality, enhanced bass, sweat-resistant technology, and perfect price range, it can be a perfect choice for a budget range sports earphones.

In my opinion, this earphone is highly suggested for those users who are searching for a perfect sporty earphone under a cost-effective price range.

Features of the Philips SHQ1200/10 Earphone

  • The astonishing sound quality produced by 13.6 mm drivers
  • Kevlar-reinforced wire for supreme robustness
  • Strong Bass with amazing sound quality
  • Sleek silicone ear caps that can be placed to your ears easefully
  • Sweat-proof and rain-resistant.
  • Wire fastener or clip and small protective pouch that protect your earphone from outer damage.

Philips SHQ1200/10 Design and Build-Quality

It is a general sports earphone that can be perfect for your Workout and Early Morning Jogging. Due to its sporty finish, the earphone looks very classy and stylish. The combination of Orange and Grey colors in the earphone makes it more attractive.

The rubber-coated ear buds are sweat-resistive which allows the user to utilize them even if they are sweating excessively.

Philips Actionfit SHQ1200 Review

It also contains sleek silicone ear caps that can easily conform or adjust to your ear properly. It also comes with a 1 m Kevlar-reinforced long cord which looks very simple but the built-in quality of the wire is very impressive.

Due to their high durability and strength, the wire is protected from all types of physical damages like breaking, tearing, etc. It also contains a small cable clip through which you can clamp the wire to your shirt or jacket side.

The L-shaped port of this earphone helps the user to provide better performance without any interruption so that when you’re running along with this earphone, the port can’t be detached easily from your Smartphone. This earphone provides better build-in quality under budget range.

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Philips SHQ1200/10 Comfort and Convenience

Philips Actionfit SHQ1200 Review Driver Desgin

The earbuds of this earphone are elaborated with a high-quality slip-resistant rubber material which signifies that they can’t be detached easily from your ears during jogging or running and even during long use; it will provide comfort and doesn’t make your ear feel pressurized.

Along with this, it’s very light in weight and also contains a protective pouch so that you can contain your earphones in it after use, and this pouch can safeguard your earphone.

Philips SHQ1200/10 Sound Quality

Philips Actionfit SHQ1200 Review Sound Quality

This earphone provides good sound quality as Philips is always renowned for its amazing sound quality. The sound quality doesn’t dishearten you completely. Whether you’re in a very serene or calm atmosphere or a congested spot with lots of noise, the earphone provides you the finest sound quality in every circumstance.

The Noise Cancellation feature inhibits the outer noise and provides the best sound quality with amazing bass.

This earphone also features a 13.6-millimeter driver that provides great sound with intense bass and high-quality acoustics. But, it doesn’t contain any in-built microphone which can be a drawback for this earphone.

The bass quality of this earphone is perfect and enhances the user with an amazing sound experience. The frequency rate of the earphone ranges from 50 Hz to 20,000 Hz; therefore it can easily catch the high and low volume of the sound and offer clear sound quality if you’re listening to music in a high volume range.

Why You Should Purchase The Philips SHQ1200/10 Earphones

Philips SHQ1200 earphone

The built-in design of the earphone provides durability and strength to the earphone. The Kevlar-reinforced cable protects the wire from tearing or breaking apart and the anti-slip rubber ear caps permits the user to readily adjust the earphone into your ear so that they can’t be slipped out from your ears during workout and jogging.

The enhanced sound quality and amazing bass of the earphone provides you the best acoustics under a budget price range. Hence, Philips ActionFit SHQ 1200 is one of the best cost-effective sports earphones with high durability, intense bass, amazing sound quality, and high-quality built-in design.

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Philips SHQ1200/10 ActionFit Specification

Wearing Style In-Ear Style
Driver Diameter 13.6 millimeter
 Resistance 32 Ohms
Susceptibility 110 dB/mW
Frequency Range  30 Hz to 20,000 Hz
Wire Length  1 meter long wire
Weight of the Product  12 g
Accessories in the Box  Wire clip, Protective Pouch, and 4 extra ear caps
Connector Size  3.5 millimeter

Frequently Asked Question

Does the earphone are water-proof or not?
The earphone is sweat-resistive but they aren’t waterproof. It means that if the earphone comes in contact with water, they can get damaged through water easily.
Does the earphone connector of 3.5 mm support every mobile phone?
Yes, it can be connected to every Smartphone which supports a 3.5 mm earphone jack or connector.
Does the sound quality is best enough?
If we talked about the aspect of sound quality, there are multiple earphones with the finest sound quality as compared to this earphone. But in this price range, there are few earphones with such amazing sound quality. <strong>Philips ActionFit SHQ 1200 </strong>is one of them.
Does this earphone come with a microphone?
No, this earphone doesn’t contain an in-built microphone as others earphone has.
Is it possible to hear the music loudly and even in crowded or congested areas?
Yes, this earphone has a very loud bass and amazing sound quality that provides the user with a clear sound even if there is lots of noise outside the spot.



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