Rapido Referral Code : Earn Upto Rs. 60 On Signup and Per Refer


Nowadays, traffic jams have become one of the main problems everywhere, particularly in the big and metropolitan cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Lucknow, Kolkata, etc. Hence, using private taxi or cabs services to travel anywhere in the metropolitan or major Indian cities becomes a tough job especially, if there is a traffic jam on the road. Many people work in these metropolitan cities and often face this issue and reach late to their workspace. But for all problems, there is a solution also. Nowadays, Bike Taxis are very much popular in the present time as they are convenient, cheap, and hassle-free and Rapido is one of the biggest names in the Bike Taxi services which provide instant bike service mobile. In this article, we’ll be going to discuss the new Referral Scheme of Rapido where you can get a big discount on your ride or you can get free bike rides also.

rapido referral code

What is Rapido?

Rapido is a bike-riding application, which gives you rides at an affordable price range. Rapido is nowadays providing its services in most of the Indian cities and some major metropolitan cities also and is expanding their services gradually to make your travel experience more convenient. You can book your ride from your present location to your specific destination in a couple of minutes. Rapido is the cheapest or most affordable Bike Taxi service available in the cities compared to other taxi services like Uber, Ola, etc.

Rapido is the finest option available for those users who travel every day from their home to their workspace and vice-versa. In just 2 taps on your Smartphone screen, you can book a ride on Rapido and within 2 to 4 minutes, the Rapido Captain reached your location. Rapido Captain always provides your helmet for your complete safety before beginning the ride with the captain. You will also get insurance on the Rapido app and you can claim the insurance amount in case of an accident.

How to Register On Rapido?

  • Download the Rapido application from the Google Play Store or Apple App StoreYou can download the app from the given link – Download the Rapido app
  • After downloading the app, open the Rapido app on your Smartphone.
  • Now, select your preferred language and click on the Next 

rapido select language

  • Now, enter your mobile number. It will automatically verify your number by calling.

Rapido enter mobile number

  • Now, you’ve to fill in the basic details like your Name, E-mail address, Gender, and Date of Birth. 


  • Now, click on the Referral Code section and enter the Rapido Referral Code: C0ADLN2.
  • Now again click on the Next Your Rapido account is now created successfully and now you can book your ride on Rapido.

How to Book your First Ride using Rapido

  • Open the Rapido application and log in or signup for the application (Skip this step if you’re already login into the app).
  • Now, select the pickup location. You have two options to select your pickup location. Firstly, the app will automatically detect your location through GPS (if you’ve granted permission to access your location).

Rapido dashboard

  • you can also manually select the pickup address from the map of your city or area.

rapido enter pickup location

  • After selecting the pickup location, now you also need to choose your destination or the Drop Location. 

rapido enter drop location

  • After few minutes, Rapido will quickly check for the nearest Rapido Captain in your area or region, which also displays on the map in the form of a bike icon.

rapido look for caption

  • If you have any Coupon codes, you can also enter that Coupon Code in the Coupon.
  • rapido enter coupon code
  • Now, choose the Payment Mode for the ride. You can Pay offline or online through various modes like Paytm, UPI, Rapido Wallet, and through Cash also.

rapido change payment method

  • When a Rapido Captain accepts the ride order, it will display all the details like Captain Name, Bike Model, Ride Charges, etc. 
  • After few moments, the Rapido Captain will contact you instantly after your ride booking. In case, the Rapido Captain hasn’t arrived yet at your pickup location, you can also contact him through his number which is also provided with the Captain’s 

Note: You can change the payment mode anytime unless your ride is completed which means, if you have selected the payment mode through cash earlier but want to pay the amount through online mode, then you can change the payment mode anytime before the ride is completed.

Rapido Refer and Earn Scheme:

You can also earn up to Rs. 60 by referring your Referral Link to your friends and relatives. This Rs. 60 will be credited into your Rapido Coins. So, the steps to follow this procedure are as follows:-

  • Open the Rapido app and on the top left side, click on the menu option and click on the Invite Friends option.

rapido invite friends

  • Click on the Invite Friends  Now copy the Referral Code and share the Referral Code through Whatsapp, Facebook, or other social media platforms to your friends and relatives.

rapido referral code

  • Now, your friend or relative has to create an account on Rapido by using your Referral Code. 
  • After signing up in Rapido, he has to book a ride. When he completes a ride within 7 days of his registration, you and your friend will get 25 Rapido Coins in your Rapido Wallet. 
  • When he completes 2 rides within 14 days of registration, you and your friend will get 15 Rapido Coins in your Rapido Wallet and so on.

Through this referring scheme, you can earn around 60 Rapido Coins in a month. Here, 1 Rapido Coins = Rs. 1 in Rapido Wallet which means you can earn up to Rs. 60 by referring to your friends or relatives.

Rapido Promo Codes and Offers:

GORAPIDO – You can get a 30% discount and an extra cashback of 20% up to Rs. 20 on your first ride. This coupon code is valid for your first ride only.

RAPGB1 – You can get a flat 50% off on your first ride with Rapido and the maximum discount per ride is Rs. 10. (It is also valid for new users only)

GRABRTU – You can get flat 20% off up to Rs. 10 on your bike rides. This coupon code is valid for all Rapido users. (Old or new)

You can also get a flat 10% Cashback when you’re paying through Amazon Pay and the Maximum Cashback amount given to the user is – Rs. 20. 


There are various ride services available in India but Rapido provides you a cost-effective bike riding experience in metropolitan cities and other big Indian cities. Also, you can claim insurance in case there is an accident while you’re taking a bike ride. Through Rapido, many customers have saved their time and money as they can travel to their destination in just a few minutes and they don’t have to bother about any Traffic Jam situation. I will highly recommend you all that you should book a ride through Rapido because their ride charges are very cheap, and they also provide a lot of new offers to its consumers.


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