5 Best Remote Working Tools for Digital Marketers

Any business relies heavily on marketing. Many people are shifting from traditional marketing to online marketing as a result of the technological changes we’ve experienced recently. The use of digital resources has evolved so that companies can take advantage of multiple marketing specializations.

Best Remote Working Tools for Digital Marketers

The list doesn’t end there, however! The digital marketing process is multifaceted and utilizes different devices and techniques. Marketers have access to a wide range of digital tools. Using automated tools, digital marketers can reach the right audience and do so quickly – from campaign management to measuring.

Does that sound good to you? I’ll tell you more! To facilitate their tasks and make them more efficient, digital marketers can use many other tools. There are many of them, such as Hootsuite, Buffer, Canva, and Google Analytics.

Today, we are going to talk about remote marketing tools that are handy yet lesser-known.

1. Secure encrypted network

Regardless of the location, marketers require access to the Internet. Public networks like Wi-Fi can be risky to use as many are forced to use them. Cybercriminals can access it because it’s not encrypted. Thankfully, you can protect yourself against hackers, viruses, and malware online with various security devices.

As an example, a VPN, or Virtual Private Network, can be used. Keeping cybercriminals at bay with a VPN is important. Additionally, it will help with;

  • Tracking avoidance
  • Accessing a network at home
  • Getting access to blocked content
  • Download anonymously
  • Online privacy improved
  • Wi-Fi security when using public networks

If you use this tool, you won’t have to worry about anyone tracking your online activity.

2. Zoom

Remote workers face significant communication challenges. An organization’s productivity can be affected by a breakdown in communication. The digital marketing team works remotely and needs to communicate with customers and teams in real-time. Often, long calls are expensive. Even so, it is difficult to explain their work, accomplishments, and challenges in this aspect of their lives.

The problem of communication is eased by video conferencing tools. With Zoom, you can easily communicate with teams. Zoom allows you to schedule recurring meetings as well as virtual meetings with many people. Sharing reports and other marketing ideas is possible on this platform, which will save you time.

How about client interaction? By using Zoom, you can interview individual customers, conduct market research, and engage with clients.

3. Google Hangouts Meet

Email, messaging, and constant communication are the cornerstones of digital marketing. It is common for marketers to miss important emails, which can result in clients leaving. Marketing teams and clients often have difficulty staying in touch without the right communication tools. The problem can be resolved using a variety of tools, however.

Google Hangouts is a good example of this. Keeping in touch is made easy with this messaging platform. Client queries can be answered quickly or messages can be sent. Email is faster and more efficient than using it. In addition to sharing links, you can also set up and schedule meetings with Google Hangouts Meet, making it easier to stay connected with your clients and colleagues.

4. Keyword Planner

Digital marketing relies heavily on keywords. Search phrases used by customers to find products and services online. When you use the wrong keywords, you can lose a huge chunk of potential clients. Most marketers find it difficult to identify the correct keywords. As a result, there are few visitors, few sales, and few profits. Is that what anyone wants? Nobody!

There is, however, a solution! It is possible to create thousands of keywords in seconds using a keyword planner. It will give you an idea of how many searches are made each month and how many searches there are on average. With this tool, you are able to find out how competitive your topic is and what your target audience is. A keyword planner is also useful for generating content ideas for your website. The correct keywords can help you get more clients and optimize your content.

5. Hootsuite

Digital marketing uses a variety of social media platforms. On the other hand, managing multiple clients on social media can be challenging. Responding to clients promptly is even worse. As a result, unsatisfied clients can leave negative remarks and lose business.

The answer is to use tools like Hootsuite to manage social media. From one place, you can manage all of your social media accounts. The program can still be used to manage accounts on multiple platforms. And the best thing of all? There’s no need to constantly log in and out of multiple accounts. You can also use Hootsuite to;

  • Post schedule
  • Monitoring social media platforms
  • Easily view analytics data
  • Provide efficient customer service
  • Sharing information is easy
  • Become socially aware

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Bottom line

Digital marketers tend to work remotely these days. A variety of tools and gadgets are required for optimal productivity and efficiency. You can choose which of the options on the list best fits your needs. There are some free and some paid tools. You can use the free online tools as well as the tools you can afford to buy. You’ll benefit from increased productivity and efficiency this way.

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