Should I Leave My Sonos Move on the Charger?

It’s nice to be ready to move my Sonos Move all around the house, however, once I’m improving up at the tip of the party, I continually try and bring it back to its selected spot wherever I plug it in to charge.

I haven’t been able to concentrate on music on my Sonos Move the maximum amount of late. Therefore, it spends most of its time blocked by the wall.

I suddenly began to panic once I realized it’d been per week. How long can you leave a Sonos Move blocked into a charger?

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Should I Leave My Sonos to go on the Charger?

You can leave your Sonos Move blocked into the wall every day or two at a time while not inflicting harm. However, it’s ne’er suggested that you simply leave a powered device plugged indefinitely. This causes the battery to become inactive; associated with Nursingd, an idle battery can lose slowly charge capability over time.

Sonos designed the Move to be ready to be the charging base for extended periods as a high-quality life addition for their customers. 

Proper physics care and battery care are tough regimens to stay too.

Sonos determined it’d be best to bake options into the Move that allowed human-like behavior to occur while not ruining the speaker. 

In addition to a charging base that stops overcharging and warming, they conjointly additional alternative battery conservation options to the speaker. 

The Sonos Move can mechanically suspend power if the speaker is left powered on and no music is enjoyed for a planned quantity of your time.

They named this feature ‘Suspend Mode,’ and it activates mechanically.

Sonos claims that the suspend mode will reserve battery power for five days.

If you simply are charging your Sonos Move with a USB-C cable instead of the charging base, I’d not suggest exploiting the device blocked indefinitely for too long.

The affiliation employed by the charging base is intended to be safer and more reliable than the stronger current sent through a USB-C cable. 

This is not to say that the USB-C affiliation is dangerous to the health of the Sonos Move. However, rather than the chance of overcharging or warming is way larger. 

Ensure that the USB-C cable is detached from the Sonos Move once the speaker has reached a full charge.

If you have begun charging your Sonos Move with a USB-C cable due to harm to the charging base, Sonos and alternative brands supply replacement charging bases online. 

I would suggest getting a replacement. 

The charging base is safer and makes it easier to look after your Bluetooth speaker. properly

Can I Leave My Sonos Move blocked In?

The charging base was designed to stop the common issue of exploiting a tool connected to a vigorous charger. 

The Sonos Move already has a formidable battery life of 10 hours for the superb audio quality and the facility drain of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth properties.

As the battery is internal, it’ll eventually get replaced as all batteries do.

This is possibly why you would perhaps agonize regarding exploiting the device hooked up to the charging base for too long. 

Older devices might overcharge or overheat and cause the inner elements to expand, break, or melt.

Sonos designed the Move to be a rugged Bluetooth speaker with home amusement quality audio. 

They place further thought into the sturdiness and longevity of the device. 

This meant providing a charger that was safe to overuse and a system that would preserve the public life of the battery as best as doable. 

This allows you to soundly leave your go on the charging base even when the battery is charged. 

It won’t overheat or overcharge. 

It conjointly won’t unnecessarily drain the battery’s remaining recharge cycles. 

The effective charging technique combined with computer code tricks to conserve battery create the Sonos Move, a stable moveable Bluetooth speaker for serious travelers and explorers.

While battery conservation techniques could appear unrelated to charging base safety, they’re directly connected. 

The longer your speaker’s battery will keep charged and power your audio expertise, the less you’ll keep it on the charging base. 

Not to mention that equivalent care was taken in coming up with the battery, and you utilized battery usage computer code within the style and production of the charging base. 

No manufacturer desires their merchandise to be famous for product defectiveness. 

When ought My Sonos Move Be Unplugged?

Even with Sonos’s fancy quality add-ons to preserve your Move’s life and battery capability, you may need the Move to run on battery power. 

If the battery is stagnant or inactive for too long, it will wipe out the charge and lose overall charging capability. 

Once the electric battery begins to degrade, it’ll not reverse.

The best technique to preserve the battery is to stay to best practices, albeit the device will handle a lot of abuse than alternative speakers.

Keep the battery active.

You don’t have to be compelled to run the speaker till the battery runs dry. You only want touch electricity to flow through it often. 

This helps to keep the battery cells alive and active.

Plug the charging base into a surge suppressor

If you don’t have a surge suppressor, get one. It doesn’t matter wherever you reside, the threat of electrical power surges to any house is real, albeit it’s a smaller threat than in alternative locations. 

Even with a surge suppressor, keeping your Sonos Move off the charging base throughout electrical storms or alternative natural disasters could also be wise. 

Power down once It’s not in use.

Luckily, your Sonos Move includes a suspend mode to handle this for you. However, there are times you’ll begin the Associate in Nursing infinite list and forget to hit pause. 

Make a habit out of turning your Move off once you end victimization.

Keep water out of the casing and ports.

The liquid will cause unwanted discharge and harm. 

The Move may be a rugged speaker, however, water continues to be a semiconductive part. 

Keep your Sonos Move out of the Sun’s heat.

High temperatures will do some real harm to any battery.

If you’re victimized, your Sonos. Move outside and check that the sun isn’t applying excessive heat to that. If it’s too hot to the touch, it’s too hot normally.

That’s all the information you’ll use to induce the foremost life out of your Sonos Move.

It ought to be straightforward to implement these practices into your habitual behavior, however, albeit it proves to be tough, they’re not needed behaviors to induce good expertise from your Sonos Move.

You’ll doubtless have detected that we suggested solely many instances to keep your Move off the charging base. 

There’s very little to no danger related to exploiting the speaker hooked up to the bottom for prolonged periods.

The only issues are electrical and gently rare. 

This is excellent news for Sonos Move homeowners UN agency ar upset regarding damaging their speakers.


Sonos Move homeowners won’t pay beyond regular time worrying regarding accidental harm from overcharging their Bluetooth speakers. 

Sonos was guaranteed to do this with a solid and thoughtful style that considers human actions. 

Correct device maintenance and care can keep the Sonos Move kicking for years to return with such a well-designed device.

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