The Best Solar Bluetooth Speaker: 2022 Review and Buying Guide

The clear manufacturer has found a way to add clean technology to the speaker

What is a solar Bluetooth speaker?

They are portable speakers that run on solar energy as they have a built-in photovoltaic cell in them. this cell converts solar energy into electricity and it also comes with a built-in battery to store the excess electricity

The important thing is that you will have to know that the solar panels in these speakers are generally small to charge the speaker fully. The amount of electricity generated mainly depends on the surface area of the solar panel as the devices are small and the solar panels are also small.

Solar panels are a good choice for emergency power sources however they are not very efficient as a primary power source for the speaker.

These panels are made of mono-crystal silicon laminated with ETFE which is a special polymer that is used to prevent corrosion.

The rechargeable battery is usually milliampere-hours rated. The higher the number, the more it can store.

For the charging, you will use the USB cable and micro-USB port that will be included. These panels are also water and dust-resistant making them great for outdoor activity.


Some of these speakers are:

1. ABFOCE Portable 3-in-1 solar Bluetooth speaker –

They are best for long camping trips. they are all in one. They include a solar panel, power bank, and flashlight and are also water-resistant.

It also has a dual 10-watt driver for high-definition sound output.

The solar panel in it can produce enough electricity for a half-hour of use for 10 mins of charging. The amount of charge used varies on the volume at which the audio is playing.

Less volume means less charge used.

Some specifications

  1. IPX6 rated for water resistance
  2. Has 60 hours of battery life
  3. 8.1×2.7×2.4 inch
  4. Weighs 1.1 pounds
  5. Has 100 feet of connection range.
  6. Black


  1. Has independent bass
  2. High-performance solar panel
  3. Has 5000 math lithium-ion batteries that can be used to charge other devices as well
  4. A built-in flashlight
  5. Perfect for indoor and outdoor activity


  1. Poor charging speed
  2. Weak connection range
  3. Not exactly water resistance

2. COSSOFT Solar Portable Bluetooth speaker

They are perfect for indoor activities. It is great for houses, offices, and even for car driving.

It comes with a 5000mAh battery and generates 12 watts of 360- degree audio power for up to 50 hours, which mainly depends on the volume.

The panel can generate 230mA per hour so keeping your device near the window will reduce your electric consumption.


  1. IPX4 rated
  2. Has 50 hours of battery life
  3. Connectivity range of 100 feet
  4. 7.9×3.4×3.2 inches
  5. Weight 1.0 pounds
  6. Black


  1. Delivers a 360-degree sound
  2. Automatically pairs with a second speaker
  3. The panel generates 230 mA per hour
  4. Has a 12-month warranty period


  1. The speaker is not waterproof
  2. Poor sound
  3. Maintaining the charger is difficult

3. Friengold Solar Portable Bluetooth Speaker

This type of speaker is best for bass lovers. They have nice battery life and are water-resistant.

They include a passive subwoofer that gives you all the bass you need with only 1% distortion


  1. IPX6 rated
  2. Has 50 hours of battery life
  3. 7.9×3.3×3.2 inch
  4. Weight 1.1 pound
  5. Black


  1. It has a 360-degree audio system
  2. Generates 230 mA per hour
  3. Has a 12-month warranty period
  4. Excellent sound quality


  1. There are many complaints about ineffective waterproofing
  2. The solar charging feature does not work very well

4. Reveal Solar Portable Bluetooth Speaker

The speaker is mainly known for its stylish appearance. It has similar qualities as the above-mentioned speaker in terms of audio, battery life, etc.

It is made from stylish carbon fiber making it ultra-strong and shock-resistant.


  1. IPX5 rated
  2. Has 60 hours of battery life
  3. 10.0×7.1×2.9 inches
  4. Weight 1.7 pounds
  5. Black
  6. Has connectivity range of 50 feet


  1. Has a built-in subwoofer
  2. High-performing solar panel
  3. Lightweight and stylish
  4. Has a built-in flashlight?
  5. Long battery life


  1. Some customer complains that the charge does not hold the charge under the sun
  2. Ineffective waterproofing

5. ABFOCE ES-T83 Solar Portable Bluetooth Speaker

It is a perfect choice if you want to go hiking or do other outdoor activities.

It is lightweight and durable it is also water-resistant and has an amazing tolerance toward temperature

It is the smallest on the list so easy to carry


  1. IPX6 rated
  2. Has a battery life of 15 hours?
  3. 3.7×3.7×1.9 inch
  4. Weight 1.9 inches
  5. Black
  6. Has connectivity range of 30 feet


  1. Gives rich and clear sound
  2. Has built-in monocrystalline solar panel
  3. Silica gel to protect against impacts
  4. Can withstand a wide range of temperature
  5. Lightweight and small


  1. Not very loud
  2. Difficult to listen while it is charging

Closing thought

Solar energy is a good source to charge your devices but is not very stable as a form of primary charge.

Hope you find this article helpful

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