SOLVED: Do AirPods Need the Case to Work?

It is not very easy to care for these tiny powerhouses. however, you will need these cases so that your AirPods can charge and pair properly. but if your AirPods have decent charge and are already paired then you can go on without them at ease.

Why do you need AirPods cases at all?

The case of AirPods does a lot of work other than charging. after misplacing the case your AirPods will work fine all long as they have a charge in them.

The case of the AirPods also helps to auto-connect with your paired device.

If you have an iPhone, you can connect by simply pressing the button on the back after opening the case and then tapping ‘connect’ on your phone, and then they will connect.

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Much valuable information is stored in your case:

The case also contains the status light for not only the earbuds but also the case itself

The light between the slot displays the status of everything.

Solid green and amber colors indicate high and low battery charges. white means that the AirPods are ready for pairing and flashing amber means a need for troubleshooting.

The cases of AirPods also offer quality-of-life enhancements: x

Some of these enhancement features are –

  •   Pairing with non-apple devices such as Androids, smart TVs, pc, etc.
  •   You can also extend your listening time by using only one AirPods at a time while the other one charges in the case.
  •   If you place the case with AirPods inside it near your iPhone and the lid is open you will receive a notification regarding the amount of charge left in the case and AirPods
  •   Your AirPods will upgrade automatically if you keep them in a case and the case near your previously paired iPhone.
  •   If you want to upgrade your AirPods manually then you can check the slot where you check the battery life and an update notification will appear if any update is available. then you can update manually.

How far can you keep your AirPods from their case?

You can leave your cases at home from time to time there is no issue. as long as your AirPods are pre-paired with your device and there is a charge in your AirPods it is okay.

There long as the distance between the connected device and AirPods is within 32 feet, the connection will be perfect.

Just be sure that the charge of AirPods is full so that you can use them for the longest time without the case. you can use it for at least 5 hours.

If the case dies, will the AirPods work?

In case your case is dead or out of charge, then your AirPods will work just fine you will need to charge the AirPods case as soon as possible along with your AirPods  

I hope this article helps 

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