Sony SRS-XB33: A Bluetooth Speaker Worth The Money? (Answered!)

Sony is the most favorable brand among users worldwide in terms of technology because it holds unique, high-quality gadgets. The company’s innovations have set a specific standard, like intelligent speaker systems, noise cancellation technology and many more. At the global level, Sony ranks higher than other premium brands such as Bose or B&O with a number of unique products to offer.

The sony srs xb33 is a portable wireless speaker with enhanced audio qualities. But, let’s find out whether this speaker is really the one every music enthusiast dreams of.


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Sony srs xb33:-

This speaker is attractive from inside rather than outside. The speaker is presented by fancy LED lights & loads of power for continuous music playback.

The frequency of the speaker may disappoint you sometimes, but its absolutely fine to own a portable Bluetooth speaker for around 150 dollars. The taste may be in the pudding, & the sound may let down audiophiles.


  • Release date– May 11, 2020
  • Price- 148 dollars
  • ASIN: B086D4JNGM
  • Weight: 2.42 pounds
  • Waterproof: yes


  • Portable
  • Waterproof, rustproof, shockproof & rustproof
  • Robust & Sturdy

The ingenious design of sony srs xb33 makes it easy to carry though it weighs 2.2lbs. It’s not likely to be placed in a house, but can be used for pool or ground parties.

The speaker is dustproof, waterproof and rustproof & even unaffected by saltwater. This speaker is shockproof up to 3.9ft/1.2m & will work in adverse conditions.

The tough quality of the speaker is sony srs xb33 is due to its robust design. It is better built than any other speakers on the market. It includes power button, Bluetooth, volume buttons & Live sound.

The Live sound feature gives extra bass to your music but drains the battery faster. You can control the speaker even in the dark. The symbols carved on the speaker’s surface would make it easier.

The sony srs xb33 lacks Sony while providing better audio quality. It performs similarly to its less expensive competitors.

You will need to press play/pause/call button twice & have to hit the same button three times to change the track.

But, it has a standard USB port for charging your device while playing the audio. This feature is helpful when you are outdoors & have to make an important call. The srs xb33 also has a USB C port for charging devices with buttons to monitor your battery levels.


The sony srs xb33 has an off-center shape which may bother music lovers who like symmetrical-shaped speakers. Sony guarantees that this shape distributes the weight & enhances the sound quality.


• It can pair up to 100 Bluetooth speakers

• App support

Features such as the voice assistant & microphone may disappoint, but they are best suitable for parties as they shine the brightest.

This speaker has extensive support & two apps are required to bring out the best performance of Sony srs xb33. The first app monitors the functions such as volume & connectivity, whereas the second one allows you to play with LED lights with freedom to sync with the music’s tempo.

No app is required for its operation, you can play music of your choice. Sony is best for its in-support. When you download a song music centre, you will get a chance to update your speaker.

Besides playing music, you will get an amazing feature that controls the lighting & gives the DJ effect. You can enjoy a club scene. The lights are eye-catching, which flash from two vertical circles of the speaker with the beat.

Battery life:-

Sony claims that the battery of sony srs xb33 lasts for 24 hours. But, according to reviews, if it is used continuously, then the battery drains by displaying lights & volume.

It is recommended to fully charge your speaker before using it at a party. The battery life depends on the situation for how long you are using it. It actually lasts for 12 hours if used continuously. If you are going for a campaign, then use it at lower volume.

Sound quality of sony srs xb33:-

  • Excellent party accessory
  • Big Bold Bass
  • Treble could be clear

It is a party speaker with deep bass & dual passive radiators. Live sound uses digital signal processor (DSP) technology & aims to replicate 3D sound.

The sony srs xb33 provides a clear sound at higher volume. The music from this speaker satisfies the soul, especially if classical music or instrumental sounds are played at a turned-up volume.

The X-balanced speaker unit fresh is designed by the lab to reduce distortion while delivering heavy bass. Extra bass boost low frequency sounds & Stamina mode helps to conserve the battery by limiting the volume. The sony srs xb33 is made to be played in open parties and not at packed places, but it lacks an authentic sound to the music lovers.

Pros and Cons of sony srs xb33:-


• Durable

• Portable

• Loud sound

• Excellent battery life

• Amazing controllable lighting

• IP67 rating weather-proof design

• Bluetooth 5.0 with SBC, AAC & LDAC codec

• Intuitive EQ is controllable through an app


• Smart assistant unavailable

• AptX codec unavailable

• Distortion at high levels

• Mediocre sound


UE Hyperboom:-

It may cost more than sony srs xb33, but there is quality difference. The xb33 can’t compete in terms of deep bass with Hyperboom as it has precious subwoofers.

JBL Charge 4:-

It is reasonable than any other speaker, better in quality & sound. If you want sound clarity at a cheaper rate, then go for Charge 4.

Sonos Move:-

Sonos entered the audio market a few years ago with their multi-room system & clarified audio experience. The Sonos Move is a speaker with 10 hours of battery life.

It is the loudest & lightest speaker. It is suitable for outdoor campaigns or indoor parties.


The sony srs xb33 wireless speaker struggled to gain importance in market. It delivers deep bass but becomes fuzzy at high volumes. The speaker is well-built, durable & portable but lacks the sound quality as compared to Bose, Sonos or JBL products at same price range.

The sony srs xb33 has a feature called ClearAudio+ that would help speaker to adapt soundstage to music, then also sound quality appears fuzzy outside.

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