The Best All-Weather Outdoor Rock Speakers

We all know that speakers are one of the most used devices and that they come in various sizes, forms and types. You can also find speakers that look like rocks and blend in with the outdoor environment. 

During outdoor gatherings, it is the most popular time to bring in your outdoor speakers. Summertime is said to be the best time for outdoor hangouts like poolside gatherings. 

This article aims to tell you more about all-weather outdoor speakers that you can buy for yourself.

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Best outdoor rock speakers 

Rock speakers are known as good for all types of weather. They are made in a way that they can withstand any type of nature or outdoor activities. These outdoor speakers blend in neatly into the landscape of the environment and at the same time works well They are also waterproof Bluetooth speakers which provide high-quality music.

Matching the Bluetooth speakers to your garden

These outdoor speakers also come in a wide variety of ways that also allow you to match your speakers according to your garden design. Some of the famous varieties are sandstone speaker style (like Klipsch AWR-650, ITSBO-513PS5, OSD Audio RS850), granite speaker style ( like Klipsch AWR-650, OSD Audio RX550) and Slate speaker style ( like OSD Audio RS850 OSD Audio RX640)

Some Top Outdoor Rock Speakers


This series of Rock speakers are the largest ones offered by OSD. they are 20 inches tall with an 8” woofer that is inside the speakers. RS850 boosts up to 200W of power and its frequency responses are between 28Hz to 20kHz.
They are set apart by their powerful and clear audio quality and while with most brand speakers, there was a distortion in audio quality felt, with these, it was comparatively lesser. The construction of OSD RS850 is also an important factor, they are well constructed and offer great weather protection which is possible because of their aerospace-grade composite cabinetry.

  • Pros: wide sound, large woofer, 3 colour choices and value for money
  • Cons: it is vulnerable to severe weather.


Available in three colours with its enclosure made to resemble a roughly hewn rock block. OSD RX550 are also weatherproof, able to withstand rain, heat, wind, fog and whatnot. The speakers are rated at 100W with 8 Ohm impedance. These speakers come along with a 5.25” polypropylene woofer and a sealed voice coil with a .75” stamped aluminium tweeter. The speakers have a frequency response between 65Hz and 20,000Hz.
It is very important to remember that these speakers are wired and that the maximum voltage they can handle is of 660Volts through a copper wire

  • Pros: excellent sound quality with a 5-year warranty and 3 colour choices available.
  • Cons: lows lack a bit in these. 


Alpine corporation is one of the leaders in innovation and technology products. Alpine’s solar-powered wireless rock speakers are an example of the same. You just need to simply place these speakers wherever you may like them. They stand out with style while looking cohesive.
A fully charged speaker will deliver an 8 or more hour playing power even after the sun has gone down. Its battery is recharged via a micro USB in case the charge runs out at night. You can stream any device using Bluetooth. These speakers can be paired via Bluetooth and would stay connected up to 25 feet apart from each other.

  • Pros: they are solar power so there is no need to worry about charging using cords. They are weather-proof along with 8 hours of extra battery charge as well as a charger for nights. They are also durable.
  • Cons: since they are dependent on solar energy, on cloudy days the capacity is diminished. The speakers do not have a low bass, but given their size it is understandable.


    B43GR are unique looking speakers with a colour of slate grey. This Bluetooth rock set comes with exceptional features. The set of speakers has the subdued colour of a decorative rock so they will blend seamlessly. There is no need for wires as the whole thing is worked with Bluetooth. You can pair the first speaker to another set of speakers and then connect them to as many as 99 other B43GR speakers. They are available in a variety of colours and are suitable for patios, gardens, spas, etc.

  • Pros: the speakers are discreet as well as they can connect up to 99 more speakers. They are weatherproof and the sound quality is vibrant and rich.
  • Cons: they do not provide any warning before there is lo battery, you would only know the battery is low when you need to charge them. 

Ending Thoughts

There are multiple other options when it comes to high-quality rock outdoor speakers. You can choose any speaker that fits your theme as well as your budget. We are sure you would find the best speaker that fits your needs among these. Choosing the right speaker is always the most important thing. 

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