The Best Bluetooth Speaker with Lights

Bluetooth speakers are something that is worth every penny you pay for with how flexible they are. You can easily say that one can find speakers for any type of circumstances. Now, Bluetooth connection with music is one thing, but getting great lighting along with powerful sound is what we call cherry on top. These speakers come to the picture when you want to add a vibe to your own party or even just use it in your own room.

In this article we will look at some top Bluetooth speakers with great lighting and powerful sound that you can play your music on and enjoy. 

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For some people Sony SRS-XB41 might seem like it is too old but it has a newer look and supports LDAC Bluetooth codec. It means that it allows you to stream high-res music from your device. SRS-XB41 does not have a full LED panel but rather thin strips of LED that are along the speaker’s side. 

When we look at the audio output, we can easily say that these are made for bass lovers. Sony SRS-XB41 gives out emphasized bass and a decent audio output. You can also customize the LED lights to some extent like changing it between DJ effects and party mode. 

The battery life is around 24 hour which depends more on the volume levels. If you listen to lower volumes then it lasts longer and if you listen on higher volume then they wouldn’t last as long. 


The 8 inch wireless Bluetooth speaker equipped with 300 watts of power, Pyle portable outdoor Bluetooth speakers have an excellent output and sound quality. 

These speakers are known to have a 4.2 version Bluetooth which instantly makes it compatible for it to work with most of the electronic devices available. 

These speakers have flashing DJ lights flashing on the top as well as the front side of it. The lights come in various colors and allow you to set the mood for any occasion. The speaker is also portable as well as wireless. The batteries for the speakers are rechargeable so you can enjoy your powerful sound everywhere you take it. 


A speaker that is cheap but also provides you with RGB lighting and cool effects? You should check out Anker soundcore flare 2. It has a clean design along with cool LED strips at both top and bottom of the Bluetooth speaker. 

What makes this speaker more unique than others is how the lighting syncs with the music and gives off a cool party vibe. Soundcore flare is water-resistant with a protection rating of IPX7.

The audio quality of the same does not disappoint. Anker soundcore delivers a balanced audio output with a pronounced bass, it is to note that the bass is not overly emphasized. Souncore Flare can be used for outdoor parties due to its loud sound qualities. 


A speaker which has a balanced battery along with a good sound system which is also a portable speaker? Then Pyle’s wireless portable PA speaker system is the best choice.

With 700 watt of power and a 12 inch subwoofer speaker system, you can trust this speaker to give you a full range of stereo sound as well as bass, echo, volume control and treble. 

The speaker is portable and has a handle along with rollable wheels which makes it easy to carry. These speakers also have an unbuilt recording feature which allows you to record audio sounds as they are streamed through your speakers. 


One of the best speakers which provide the best LED as well as amazing sound quality are JBL pulse 3. JBL pulse 3 comes with a customizable 360 light show that has multiple colors and looks amazing. JBL Pulse 3 also provides you with a battery life that delivers up to 12 hours of playtime. It also comes along with a built-in rechargeable battery. 

JBL’s features also allow you to connect to various other JBL models at the same time. It also has noise cancellation and echo canceling speaker phones which lets you take calls from your speaker itself. JBL Pulse 2 speaker provides sound quality that does not distort voice despite the volume being turned up high. The speaker delivers crisp and good quality music. The sound quality of JBL Pulse 3 can even be called crystal clear. The stereo sound and bass are very balanced. 

JBL Pulse 3 comes in a very sleek and modern design with vibrant LED colors. There is a light button which has 8 light modes, wave, rainbow, fire, camp, equalizer, rave, jet and a customizable option.

Ending thoughts 

These were some of our suggestions for Bluetooth speakers that come with good LED lighting. Make sure you have the speaker that is best for you and you will be good to go.

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