The Top 5 Products That Use GPS Bluetooth for Navigation

1.UNITOPSCI 8-inch Car Multimedia Player with GPS Bluetooth

Cars nowadays are more advanced than ever, systems like UNITOPSCI-8inch Car Multimedia Player are no exception. drivers and passengers can easily navigate to their destination by using this system at the same time ensuring that the ride is entertaining 

It features an Android 9.0 system, which allows the app store to download YouTube, Vimeo, and other applications of your desire. you also get access to tones of other features such as backup camera input, radio, and Bluetooth connectivity with mobile devices.

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It also has a built-in GPS receiver which powers the navigator system. you get access to free preloaded maps. it is completely okay to use preloaded maps but for perfect navigation use Google Maps as it has real-time information regarding traffic and other road condition 

The navigation system works flawlessly, you just need to enter your destination, it will automatically get your current location and help you till your final stop. like this, you can easily get to your destination even if you do not know the route. you just need to have access to the internet through a hotspot to use the Google maps 

Overall, it is a budget-friendly car entertainment system with tons of features to be used for navigation and entertainment. you do not need to worry about getting lost if this system is installed 


  • There are preloaded maps in this navigation system 
  • Google maps and other navigation apps work well with this system 
  • Android 9.0 system gives you access to all types of android apps 


  • The preloaded maps do not show the real-life traffic information or update 
  • Need to connect a hotspot for internet access 

2.OHREX GPS Navigation

The one purpose of OHREX GPS Navigation is to make your trip as smooth as possible. The latest map of North America comes pre-installed with this system. If you are a driver outside this region, you can download maps for specific areas. it has a 7-inch display, it may not blow you away but will get your work done. you have access to both 2D and 3D maps and the best part is that you will not need internet access to use this.

These preloaded maps will guide you to your destination along with providing you with the optimal route to not only save your time but also cost and it comes with suggestions to avoid traffic. The system is very popular among truckers on the road as it provides several alerts such as bridge heights and weight limits. You also have access to audio turn-by-turn directions and alerts for crossings, curves, and speed cams. these features make it one of the most complete navigation systems available compared to others 

 It also has features such as hand-free calls when you connect your phone through Bluetooth to it and it costs around $100 therefore it’s a steal 


  • Lifetime free map updates 
  • Having 2D and 3D maps makes navigation more fun 
  • It offers a lot of alerts to ensure road safety 


  • It does not show real-time traffic updates 
  • Need to manually update the maps 

3.Dual Electronics XGPS150A Bluetooth GPS Receiver 

This system turns any smart device into a navigation system. even though these devices already come with GPS, having the system will give you more accuracy

By using Bluetooth, you can connect the receiver to your device. Once connected, you can use any other apps that use GPS. This system is quite popular for aerial and marine navigation and other outdoor activities like hiking. It is mainly useful when the GPS signal is weak. the battery can keep the receiver running for about 8.5 hours and recharging it completely takes a little over 2 hours 

Overall, this system works exceptionally well at strengthening GPS signals and making sure they don’t drop.


  • It works at speed of up to 1150 mph and a maximum altitude of 59,00 ft 
  • It has a long battery life of 8.5 hours 
  • Works with all smart devices


  • It can only connect a single device through Bluetooth 
  • It has an easy but unappealing basic interface

4.Dual Electronics XGPS160 GPS Receiver 

It is an exceptional GPS receiver that works well at boosting signals 

It works up to an altitude of 65600 ft and also has a long-lasting battery that can provide power for up to 10 hours 

You can connect up to 5 devices to the receiver which provides 10 position updates per second. it is important because it provides you with a strong signal and ensures more accuracy 

Overall, the Dual Electronics XGPS160 GPS Receiver is an upgraded version of the XGPS150A and allows to connect more devices and receive signals at higher altitude 


  • Works to an altitude of up to 65600 ft 
  • Connects the receiver with up to 5 Bluetooth enabled devices 
  • Battery life of 10 hour 


  • It is costly 
  • Takes 3 hours to fully charge 

5.Podofo Double Din Android Car Stereo 

It is an entertainment and navigation system that makes rides more fun it utilizes GPS and Bluetooth for accurate and easy navigation 

You get both online and offline modes of navigation. for real-time traffic use the online mode 

However once switched to google maps, there will not be any problem in selecting a route that ensures time is saved. the system also includes features such as rearview camera input, connection through a hotspot, a multimedia player, hand-free calls, and radio 


  • It is an android-based system so gives access to a lot of navigation apps 
  • Hands-free calls when connected with a smartphone 


  • The pre-loaded maps are outdated 
  • Only fits in vehicles with double din dash 

How does the navigation system work and are they accurate?

There are GPS satellites positioned all over the world, from there the GPS navigation system collects data through its built-in receiver. Your receivers process the data on the basis of where you are and give you details of your surroundings. The devices are very accurate. most will provide you a location that is within 15 feet of your current position as you move your position is updated.

What are the benefits of having a navigation system?

It helps to find the best route to get where you want to go along with information such as traffic and also the fastest route to your destination 

Should I opt for a system that is portable or in-dash?

It depends on how you want it to be. if you always use the car in-dash system will be fine but if you change your car, boat, etc. you will need a portable device.

The best is …

  • Budget-friendly system – OHREX GPS Navigation is a budget-friendly option. it is not only the cheapest but also provides accurate navigation in both 2D and 3D maps 
  • Entertainment and navigation combo UNITOPSCI system is the best in this. its android-based system gives access to a lot of entertainment and navigation tool 
  • Best GPS navigation system – Dual Electronics XGPS160 is the best as it allows you to use your smart device as a navigation tool at an altitude of up to 65600 feet or while traveling at a speed of 1150 mph.



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