What Do I Do If My Apple Pencil Keeps Disconnecting

If your apple pencil gets disconnected continuously there can be several reasons for that. most of them can be fixed easily and so you will not need to buy a new pen

Here are some reasons as to why this might be happening and some solutions for it:

What Do I Do If My Apple Pencil Keeps Disconnecting


1. Issues with Bluetooth

This is one of the most common issues with apple pencils.

First, make sure that the Bluetooth of your iPad is turned on. To do that go to settings and then select the option of Bluetooth and turn it on.

Then make sure that your apple pencil is paired with your iPad. In case it does not work, try forgetting the apple pencil on your iPad and then try to pair them from the start. It may work that way.

Another issue could be that you might think that the apple pencil is connected but it is not connected, to check this go to the Bluetooth setting and click the option of devices, the name of your apple pencil should show up. if it does not show up, then try connecting it to the lightning port, this helps your iPad to recognize the apple pencil

2. Issues with battery

This is another common reason. Your pencil may have a very low battery or it might die.

So, you will need to check the battery life of your pencil, for that to plug in your pencil to your iPad. then open today’s view. there you will see the charging status of the apple pencil. 

If the battery level is low, then charge it using the iPad or USB power adaptor, however, if your apple pencil does not charge you will have to replace it.

3. Issues with an apple pencil tip

Sometimes the tip of the apple pencil can become loose or worn down which can be causing issues.

If the tip is loose, tightening it back will solve the problem. the tip is considered loose if the tip is falling off or wiggling when you use it.

This is quite normal with use; It happens more frequently depending on the type of screen protector and how hard you push the pen on the surface of the iPad.

If it does wear out then you can easily buy a replacement tip to help.

4. Restarting the iPad

If the above methods do not work then you can try and restart your iPad.

It will give your iPad a fresh start to connect with the apple pencil. to restart your iPad

  1. Press the top and the volume up button till the power slide appears on the screen
  2. Then power down the iPad and it takes 30 secs to restart.
  3. However, if the power slide does not appear or you can not shut it down, then you will have to force restart, it happens mainly because your iPad is frozen. To do that, first press and release the volume up button, then press and release the volume down button.
  4. Then power on your iPad and check if it connects or not.

5. Future help

You can also go to apple support for assistance. they will know better than you.

You might need to replace your pencil. The pencil does have a one-year warranty.


Even though apple pencils are of great help, sometimes they can cause problems.

Following the above-mentioned step will allow you to reconnect with your iPad in no time.

Hope this article helps…

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