What happens to AirPods if they get wet?

AirPods are not waterproof, only the pro version of AirPods is water-resistant, but they become less resistant with time.  If your AirPods get wet, wipe off the excess water with a dry cloth or cotton swab, then leave your AirPods outside for at least two hours to dry out.

Even if your AirPods get wet, you can still use them by following the right procedures. you can also connect 2 AirPods to your phone, it is a very simple process you can do on your own. so even if you lose a single AirPods you do not need to buy a new pair.

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How to connect two different AirPods to my iPhone?

AirPods should be of the same generation to try this, this is mainly because of the different features and framework such as their chips due to which pairing them is very difficult.

 For example, there are H1-powered and W1-powered AirPods and H1-powered AirPods that work only with other H1-powered AirPods, also the AirPods are updated.

You can also share music with your friends and family without removing your AirPods 

The way to connect two airports is very simple, only the devices have to be compatible, it can be done by following these steps:

  • First you need to make sure that the original pair of AirPods are connected through the normal process.
  • Then find your airplay icon from either your phone ‘s or music players’ control center.
  • Select “share audio” underneath the connected AirPods 
  • Bring your charging case with the case open near your iPhone after placing the AirPods you want to connect inside it 
  • On your screen will appear the name of the new AirPods, you are to select them and then like “share audio”
  • Now you are free to listen to different audio at different volumes on different AirPods 

How to check if AirPods are updated?

Usually, AirPods update automatically until there is any malfunction then you will have to update them yourself.

It is a simple process 

  • First find the latest firmware version using the apple website 
  • Then go to your phone’s setting 
  • Go to the devices present after selecting Bluetooth.
  • To check the detail of your AirPods, tap ‘I’ next to your AirPods name 
  • Compare the firmware with the one mentioned on the apple website
  • If the number is different, your firmware needs to be updated as it may be outdated.

How to rename AirPods?

The name of the AirPods is usually the name under which the iPhone is registered. 

To change the name of the AirPods, do the following:

  • Place your AirPods anywhere other than their case 
  • Select Bluetooth in your settings tab 
  • Name of your AirPods will appear in the list of Bluetooth devices, find it, and then tap “I” next to the name.
  • Tap on the name given and type the new name and press done to confirm the process.

You can also find a lot of new settings for AirPods during this process such as what happens when you long-press either the right or left force sensors, whether to allow automatic ear detection, and whether to use a left or right microphone or pairing AirPods pro from your phone. 

How to reset your AirPods?

There are reasons for resenting AirPods such as fixing bugs, selling, or giving to someone else.

It is a very simple process indeed:

  • Place your AirPods in their case and close the lid 
  • Open the lid of the charging case after a minute 
  • Go to the Bluetooth setting of your phone 
  • Find your AirPods in the “pair device” option 
  • Tap “I “next to the name of your AirPods 
  • For beginning the unpairing process select the option of “forget this device”
  • For 15 secs long-press the button at the back of your charging case and release it when the status color changes to amber.
  • To re-pair you’re your AirPods, bring your AirPods while they are in their case with the lid open next to your device 
  • The AirPods will then be removed from your apple account 

How to unforget a Bluetooth device?

Sometimes you need to get rid of a connected device or completely forget them 

In case you wish to reconnect them, there are a few steps you have to follow:

  • In the case of the iPhone 
  • Open settings 
  • Then head to the general settings tab, select reset 
  • Select reset network settings and confirm your choice 
  • The process will take mostly a few seconds 
  • Your wifi and Bluetooth setting will go back to the original 
  • After the procedure will be done, your phone will restart
  • The system will load up all forgotten information
  • Then go to the Bluetooth setting to see the list of all previously connected devices 
  • In the case of android 
  • Go to your Bluetooth setting 
  • Check the list of devices 
  • If your device is there, all you need to do is connect 

Can I buy a single AirPods?

Yes, you can buy a single AirPods from apple, you don’t need to buy the entire thing 

All you need to do is give the serial number of your present AirPods which is in your charging case 

The serial number tells the generation of the AirPods you have and thus the store will give you one which is compatible with your present device. 

How to find a lost AirPods?

Yes, you can find lost AirPods.

  • Use the ‘find my iPhone’ app for this 
  • Go to the device tab and select your Airpods 
  • You will either see the location of your AirPods or ‘no location found’. if no location found is shown then your AirPods are not in the Bluetooth range 

Another way to find is 

  • Play any sound in your AirPods and maintain a silent background 
  • You might hear the sound playing and find your AirPods 


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