What if someone else connected to my bluetooth speaker?

Bluetooth has changed people’s access towards technology, they would connect their speakers with a device to a certain range and stream music. But, it would disturb you if someone else connected to the Bluetooth speaker.

What if someone else connected to my bluetooth speaker

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How to prevent someone else connected to my Bluetooth speaker?

You can definitely stop someone from connecting to your Bluetooth speaker through a security code, buying a more advanced speaker, switching off the speaker when not in use, updating software, unpairing unwanted devices or switching off visibility.

Generally, bluetooth speakers available in the market pair automatically with your device. If your streaming device’s bluetooth is on, your speaker is on & it will connect. Anyone can connect with the speaker if they click on pair on their smartphone.

Advanced speakers are also available with more control over which device to be connected to. There are ways through which you can stop any other devices from connecting to your bluetooth speaker.

Advanced Speaker:-

Now, advanced bluetooth speakers are more safe and secure. These speakers have a more advanced bluetooth version, BLE & aptX, which are faster and safer.

These advanced speakers provide you with the option to select the devices to pair with or disconnect.

Besides other speakers, this one offers to forget devices & restrict them that connects to speaker. You can pay more to ensure the safety of the speaker.

How to set a security code to remove someone else connected to my bluetooth speaker?

Yes, you can use a security code to keep people away from your bluetooth speaker. But, an advanced speaker is required as it comes with a security code.

If anyone wants to connect with the speaker, it will ask for a secure password. You can set a four digit code that the speaker will ask before pairing.

You can change the default security code so that no one can automatically connect to your speaker.

By turning off device visibility:-

Even if you switch off the speaker, hackers can find access to it. Hackers use attack vectors like BlueBorne to reach your Bluetooth. If you set your speaker at undiscoverable, it will be impossible for hackers to find the device.

Hackers scan around for any bluetooth device available, then they search for MAC address and attack the speaker. But, if they do not see the device, they can’t attack.

You will need to modify the speaker if several devices are connected to it and can connect automatically.

Can I unpair unknown devices if someone else connected to my bluetooth speaker?

If the speaker has connected to many devices, then you should reconnect your device. Though earlier connected devices will connect or disconnect automatically & will keep reconnecting until the bluetooth is on.

If you have advanced settings on your speaker, open it & check the connected devices to “forget” them all. Now, you can pair them with devices you want. No other devices can connect till the hackers play their roles.

If your speaker doesn’t have options to unpair devices, you can reset it to factory settings. There are different ways to restore factory settings in speakers. Some allow you to push the power button for a long, whereas others ask for a long press on the Bluetooth button. You can go through the speaker manual if you want to reset your speaker. After resetting, the speaker will forget all paired devices and you can connect.

Should I update software and apps to prevent someone else connected to my bluetooth speaker?

There’s a risk while using wireless device. The BlueBorne vector is one common attack which is carried in the air. This will attack bluetooth devices such as smartphone, smartwatch, speaker and laptop.

Google & Amazon have fixed the BlueBorne problem but vector may catch you, so be safe. New updates to software & apps will help you tackle attacks.

Yet, another attack is Bluebugging, common with smartphones but hackers can reach your device through a speaker. People take Bluebugging seriously because hackers can use your phone to make calls.

Bluejacking and Bluetooth tracking are also types of Bluetooth attack. These are mostly tackled in the new version of Bluetooth. Therefore, keeping your system and app updated will keep you safe from attacks.

You can install new features available immediately, to protect your Bluetooth speaker.

Can I use an audio jack to prevent someone else connected to my bluetooth speaker?

You must be using a Bluetooth instead of wires, which can cause disturbance if pulled & can interrupt you while streaming music.

Most of the speakers are available with an audio jack in market. You may not find it convenient to use it, but plug it into your speaker. If you connect the audio jack, no Bluetooth device can connect to your speaker. Try it out with friends before switching it on in public. The speaker is in headset mode once connected with the jack and will not receive audio from a Bluetooth device.

Who can Access your Bluetooth Speaker?

You should be careful of hackers. They can access your personal data through a Bluetooth device. You can allow people who may not be interested in any of your personal data to use your speaker for enjoyment.

Apps such as Facebook and Google use Bluetooth to track your location. You should turn off Bluetooth & stop these apps from accessing your location.

The speaker which you are using can provide details of your location, favorite music & so on.

Your data is used to give you ads. You will notice that the privacy policy on Google and Facebook suggests that they use Bluetooth to monitor your location.

You can turn off the permission from smartphone to ensure these apps do not access your Bluetooth devices in order to protect your smartphone and speaker.


Bluetooth devices are part of our lives as modern appliances are Bluetooth-enabled. It makes it convenient for everyone to play music wirelessly. Though, in most cases, hackers can use your speaker to get your personal information.

So the best way is to modify your speaker to ask for permission before connecting to any device.

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