What Is The Force Sensor In AirPods?

Force sensors are a feature that can be found in the 2nd generation earbuds and AirPods pro. It has various roles depending on how the user uses it. It allows you to use handguards to control your audio without using your iPhone.

You have access to plenty of commands by tapping the stem of AirPods.

The stem of the AirPods is flat and slightly dented pointing toward the face.

That small dent is useful. pressing that can result in a lot of action

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How does this work?

Airpods are so small that they have no place for buttons used to play, pause, and do other things. Therefore, this is the alternative to those buttons.

And as these are located on both the AirPods making it more convenient.

This is used to play or pause music as well as receive or recline calls.

Audio playback control

happens in three ways:

1. Single-press

This is to play or pause music or other audio; it can also be used to answer an incoming call.

2. Double press

This helps to skip the track forward; this feature is very beneficial.

3. Triple press

This is to skip the trackback. can be used when the track has already been played 

Noise cancellation and transparency mode

To switch between these modes, you will have to press and hold for 3-5 seconds.

  • If you press the force sensor too long a chime plays, switching the noise control mode. then press the force sensor again to return to the previous setting
  • The transparency mode helps to eliminate any inside sound, allowing you to listen to the outside sound.

In case of noise cancellation mode, you will only be able to hear the internal sound without any distraction from outside

Usually, people try to maximize sound to avoid external sound but it can have an aversive effect on your ears, making it a great way.

What to do when the force sensor is not working?

In the case of normal AirPods just pressing it works but in the case of AirPods pro, you will need to press the sensor a little harder.

If it is still not working then reset your AirPods. for that

  • Place both the AirPods in the charging port
  • Make sure that the charging port still has power
  • Find the small button on the rear side of the case
  • Press down the button for 15-20 secs
  • Look at the light that is on the front of the case, after a few seconds the light will flash white and change into amber.

Then open the case and check if the sensor is working or not.

Connect your AirPods to your iPhone. go to settings then select general and then tap about. you will be able to check the firmware to make sure it is the latest one 

However, if you have connected your AirPods to android phones the upgrade does not happen automatically.

How can I customize force sensors on AirPods?

you can not disable the audio uses such as single, double, or triple-tap system.

therefore, you can only be able to customize what role it plays on AirPods.

and this is only limited to changes between Siri and noise control.

to customize:

  • Open setting on iPhone
  • Tap on the Bluetooth option
  • Tap on ‘I’
  • Press and hold the AirPods section you will find that the only options available are middle, left, or right
  • Then select either Siri or noise control.

How does the force sensor work on an android phone?

Siri and Apple virtual assistants do not work on android phones. However, the force sensor does work properly and regularly without any problem.

Closing thought

AirPods are made in such a way that it fits perfectly into our ears without the fear of them falling.

Some people complain regarding this feature as to allow function you will have to press it pushing it more inside your ear. therefore, not giving a comfortable experience.

So, Apple is working on new AirPods so that light touch can enable function to solve these problems

hope this article helps 


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