What Wattage is Good for a Speaker?

A party is not completed until there are good songs. Music is known to be the life of a party for the exact same reason. Bluetooth speakers are the main source of music at any party and a good wattage is one of the most important things and also one of the most confusing things ever.

We are here to help clear your doubts about the same.


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Why is wattage important?

Usually, every good speaker ranges from 10 watts to 1000 watts. Wattage helps in volume boot and clarity in tone alongside coverage at lower volumes.

Usually, it is noted that outdoor speakers usually have around 80 watts whereas computer speakers have around 10-25 watts. Speakers made for partying have around 250 watts. All of these are depended on what type of speakers you have.

A wattage is affected by multiple things and one of them is its sensitivity. While looking for good speakers, you must remember to not match the speaker’s simplifier whose output capabilities surpass the wattage of the speaker. If paid attention, you will have a good quality speaker.

The number of Bluetooth speakers connected and the distance of the speakers affect the loudness and quality of sound. At the end of the day, wattage means the sound quality of your speaker. But you must note that just because the wattage is higher, doesn’t really mean they would sound good.

Average wattage of speakers

The table below denotes some of the most common denotations of the wattage in specific speaker types.

Outdoor speakers 80 watts
Party speakers 240-250 watts
Bluetooth speakers 40-60 watts
Computer speakers 10-25 watts
Soundbar 150 watts


Speaker Wattage, Loudness and Sensitivity

Speaker wattage, loudness and sensitivity or SPL for short is a measure of how efficiently a speaker converts amplifier power to the acoustic sound. The more efficient a speaker is in producing sound, the louder it is. SPL represents how loud a speaker can get. In simpler words, the higher the wattage goes, the louder the sound would be.

Does speaker sensitivity affect wattage?

The sensitivity affects how clear the sound is at high volumes. In other words, you can even say that the more sensitive a speaker is, the less likely it is to create distortion.

If the speaker is said to be very sensitive, it would only require less power to give out a loud and clear sound. This is why sensitivity is also an important part. If the sensitivity is less, then it would require a lot of power to give out a loud sound. This just proves that one must look for speakers that are of better quality, not just with higher wattage.

What do loudness and power mean in terms of speakers?

Decibels are used to measure loudness. These are also important when we choose the speakers. This matters the most if we are looking for speakers that work well for higher volumes. Every small increase in the decibel will affect the sound. We must remember that every 3 decibels increase in loudness will require double the power.

Watt is a measure of electrical power. As mentioned above, you must focus that the amplifier should not be of more power than our speakers can handle otherwise they would be damaged.

Do we need to worry about the speaker wattage?

This totally depends on the user. If it is the normal everyday audio that you are focusing on more then you do not need to worry about it but if you are focused on more of a party speaker, then you would need to worry about the wattage of your speakers because it would go hand in hand with the loudness.

How loud are different wattage speakers?

the loudness will always depend on the amp of the said speaker. We would be giving a comparison below to help you understand how loud certain speakers are.

How loud is a 3-watt speaker?

However, it may feel like they are not loud enough, they can easily fill up a small room. They probably would not sound as well as other ones.

How loud is the 30-watt speaker?

These speakers are good enough for casual listening. a speaker with 30 watts will easily fill up a small room nd work for a small gathering. A cheap 30-watt Bluetooth would not work as well as a good one.

How loud is a 1000-watt speaker?

A 1000-watt speaker is the loudest it can get. They would be extremely loud and would easily fill up a large room. They can be used for house parties. You must use proper amplifying to assure you get the best results.

Ending thoughts

With this, we can conclude that the higher the wattage, the louder the speaker will end up being. Though, you would have to focus on a lot of things like sensitivity and amplifiers. Finding the best speakers may sound like a difficult task but it is as simple as it can get. Good luck!

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