What’s The Difference Between AirPods 1 and 2?

The main difference between the two is support for talking time. the AirPods 2 also has a better-quality audio and video quality 

Do both of them have the same case?

yes, both of them come in the same standard case and can support both the generation of Airpods. However, AirPods 2 has the facility of a wireless charging case which AirPods 1 does not have. 

The wireless charging case can be charged by a charging mat after placing the case on it. 

Are  AirPods 1 and 2 the same?

Both generations of AirPods have the same size, weight, and dimension. this allows them to use both the cases for charging  

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Is AirPods 2 waterproof?

 AirPods 2 may not be waterproof but they are water-resistant as they have a water-repellent coating added to its circuit board causing no harm if it is exposed to a small amount of water. 

However, do not submerge them in water 

If somehow your AirPods end up getting wet, wipe them nicely and let them dry before their next use. 

Is the price difference between AirPods 1 and 2 very much?

When first released both of them were priced the same 

However, it was for the standard version of the AirPods 

since the AirPods 2 has the feature of the wireless charging case, the price is much more

it costs about $159 for the standard version of the AirPods but If you want the one with wireless charging it cost $199

even since the AirPods 2 has been upgraded from the original AirPods the price also increased 

Can AirPods cancel surrounding noise?

unfortunately, the AirPods 2 are not meant to cancel outside noise 

The earbuds do provide some noise cancellation but not completely. only the AirPods pro has the noise cancellation feature. 

This feature does not allow any outside noise to enter, providing an increased listening experience. 

How can you charge AirPods without wire?

The AirPods 2 can be charged wirelessly. 

It mainly depends on the case you have, if your case is wireless then you can. AirPods 2 will charge whenever they are in the case provided your case should have a charge. 

As both AirPods 1 and 2 are compatible with both the cases you can charge both of these versions wirelessly if you have the case needed. 

For how many years do they last?

AirPods last for around 2 years.

if you use them every day actively, it may cause the battery to degrade 

if the battery degrades enough the battery life is reduced making it almost impossible.

if you do not use them every day your life span will be longer than two years.

Is the battery life of AirPods bad?

The life of the battery depends on the feature you are using.

If you are just listening to songs, you can have a charge of up to 5hours. 

If you are on call the battery can last for up to 3hours 

And if you use them for both music and calling you will have a charge for 3-5 hours.

How much time do you need to charge?

It takes  20-30 mins to completely charge  

You can charge your device up to 50% in around 15 minutes 

AirPods cases take about one hour to charge, you can charge AirPods three to four times using a single charge of the case.

We can conclude that even though they are similar, AirPods 2 is much better. 

Hope this article helps. 

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