Why Are My AirPods Cutting Out?

It is a very common issue among people that Airpods are sometimes cut off while in use. There can be several reasons why your Airpods are cut off while you are listening to music or podcasts. 

Read the article to know all the causes & methods to fix them. 

Why are my Airpods cutting out? 

Problems such as Bluetooth connection, weak internet connection, low-powered batteries, competing for audio inputs, or outdated software are likely to cause the cutting out of Airpods. Maybe the Airpods are broken. 

Let’s go through seven reasons for how Airpods are cut out. 

When the Bluetooth connection is weak:- 

Airpods or wireless earphones depend upon Bluetooth connection. 

Though the Airpods use a new protocol, called Near Field Magnetic Induction (NFMI), they still rely on Bluetooth connection. 

The Bluetooth connection will get weaker as you move away from your device. 

Instead, try to stay closer to the device. For example, put your iPhone in your pocket & then move to another place.


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There is interference:- 

You must check whether anything is interfering with your iPhone’s Bluetooth connection. 

Your microwave, portable Bluetooth speaker, cordless phone, baby monitor & even your garage door opener use the same frequency. Wireless devices rely on 2.4 GHz connections. 

Hence, even your microwave oven can interfere with the Bluetooth connections you are using & cause distortion. 

If you are in a crowded area where many people use Bluetooth or WiFi connections actively & you may feel the disruption in your network. Therefore, you should try to stay away from crowded areas. 

Your family & roommates also use devices with WiFi & Bluetooth connections, so try to stay away from them. 

Also, try to get away from microwaves & unshielded cables. 

You are streaming over WiFi:- 

You will experience more distortion if you are streaming music or podcasts over the internet than when playing content that is stored on your device. 

It could be a Bluetooth connection that is weak or disrupted, it could be a mobile internet connection or WiFi that is creating a problem. 

If you want to know whether it is Airpods or your internet connection has an issue, then start playing downloaded songs & see if there is any difference. 

If you are listening to music on the phone and someone keeps calling or texting, then you may face some disruptions & the call can cut off your mobile connection. 

To avoid cut-off in connection, download the streaming content & then play locally from your device. You can download content on Apple Music. 

For attending calls, go to a place where cellular reception is better, like by the window or outside. 

Try to call people directly instead of calling them on WhatsApp or over WiFi. 

Airpods are losing power:- 

You may experience, that Airpods are cut out not because the connection is weak, but actually, they are. 

If Airpods lose power, then they will struggle to connect with your phone & transmit audio. 

You will experience disruptions & your Airpods will cut off & stop working until you charge them. 

In order to fix this issue, charge your Airpods & give a break to them from listening to music for a while. You can charge your Airpods when you are not using them so that the issue doesn’t occur again. 

Your iPhone is losing power:- 

Airpods will cut off even when it is fully charged, but your iPhone has a low battery. 

Maybe you don’t experience any distortions, but when your iPhone shuts off, the music will stop playing. 

Therefore, make sure that you have enough battery in your iPhone before listening to music. You can even charge while listening. 

Airpods are switching to a New Audio Source:- 

Apple allows Airpods to switch to other devices when within range. For example, you have connected it to your mac while working but it switched to an iPhone in your car. 

If a lot of devices are available in the house, your Airpods will keep switching from one another without your choice, cutting off your audio. 

If you have an extra iPad at your home, turn it off or disable this feature in settings & you can control this setting on every device. 

If you have outdated software or broken Airpods:- 

If you are using an older version of iOS, you may experience Airpods cutting out. 

This issue has been fixed in the newer iOS version which existed in older ones. 

Keep your device updated to avoid this problem. One of the reasons could be that your Airpods are physically broken. 

Keep a check for updates on your iPhone. If any of the updates are available, install them. Ensure that you have the latest version of iOS installed. 

You can also check for & install firmware updates for your Airpods. 

You can do this by connecting to your device & going to your Bluetooth setting. 

If you feel that your Airpods are physically destroyed, take them to the Apple center where the technicians will resolve your issue. 

If your AirPods are broken & you can’t find a repair center, then you may have to buy new ones. 


It is very disturbing if your Airpods are cut off frequently. There are some easy solutions to get rid of this issue. Try out the other one if one solution doesn’t work. 

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