Why Can’t Callers Hear Me on My AirPods?

One of the most common problems that have been noted by the iconic apple Airpods have been “why can’t callers hear me on my AirPods?” while Airpods are one of the best Bluetooth wireless devices here, there are some problems that can be faced by users. 

Even though AirPods are arguably the best earphones that have ever been built, there are some software issues that create problem during calls. To know more about how to solve it or why Airpods are unreliable during calls, I suggest you to keep reading. 


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Why can’t they hear me?

  1. Damaged microphone

If while talking to people on call you can hear them clearly but you cannot talk then it is more than likely that your microphones are blocked and the sound cannot get through them which makes it hard for the callers to listen to you. You would need to clean your microphones in order to listed clearly. 

It doesn’t always mean that your microphones are damaged or are dirty. Sometimes, the reason for them to not work is because of too much wear over the month or even years of using the Airpods. More often than not, this is not fixable but sometimes you can go to the apple store and have them fix it for you.

  1. Low battery

Airpods face a lot of problem when they function on low battery. This happens because your AirPods are trying to save battery while you are also trying to talk on call at the same time which makes battery drain faster than the normal rate. So, if you want to use them properly then you would need to charge them so that they can work properly.

  1. Software glitch

Sometimes, there is a software glitch which makes it hard for the users to hear you on calls or facetimes properly. This is nothing to panic about as a software glitch is something that happens all the time. 

  1. Audio is routed somewhere else

At times, this problem occurs because your audio is being routed somewhere else. It could be possible that your audio is connected with some other Bluetooth device and is being routed there. You just need to check if headphones are plugged in or if there is some other Bluetooth device that your Airpods are connected to. 

  1. Dirty mic

One of the most common reasons for someone to not hear your voice while being connected on Airpods is that your microphone might be dirty. More often than not, small dust particles and lint gets clogged in the mic at the bottom of your Airpods which created problems like these. You just need to dust them off and your Airpods will be good to go. 

  1. Outdated software

When we use an older operating system, they may cause some problems while you’re using them, like while on call it may create some functioning problems. If you have an outdated OS system, then that may be the reason your Airpods are failing you. You can get a software update which will help your device work better. 

  1. Audio settings

At times, smartphones like android ones do not rout audio input and output to AirPods and so the calls may not be automatic. Usually, they are done though the handset but when this doesn’t automatically happen, you would need to select Bluetooth as your audio option of choice during calls and it will work. 

  1. Disable automatic ear detection

Disabling automatic ear detection can help solve a lot of glitches and bugs from your phone that might be creating problems during calls. This can cause your Airpods getting cut during a call. To turn it off you just need to follow small steps given below:

  • go to settings
  • click on Bluetooth 
  • press on the “i” button next to your Airpod device
  • toggle automatic ear detection off.
  1. Restarting your device

One of the most common yet useful solution is to restart your device. This will reset the operating system software and will help us to start new and fix any small common issues that the software was facing.

  1. Resetting your Airpods

To do that, you must follow the steps given bellow:

  •  You would need to put your Airpods back in their case and close the lid.
  •  Then, after 30 seconds you need to open the lid back again.
  •  Then, go on your iOS device’s settings and tap on Bluetooth.
  •  Click on the” i” icon next to your Airpod’s name.
  •  Tap “FORGET THIS DEVICE” and tap again to confirm
  •  Then, keeping your Airpod case’s lid open, press and hold on the button on the back of the case for about 15-20 seconds till you see the amber light flashing.

This will help reset your Airpods and this also may help you it in fixing your problems regarding the same

Ending thoughts

Airpods are quite frankly one of the best things ever but like every technical device, they too have their fallings every now and then for which we are here to help you out.

These fall outs should not scare you off from buying a pair for your own self if you don’t already have it. 

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