Why Do My Bluetooth Headphones Sound Muffled?

There are several reasons why this may happen such as exposure to moisture, collection of debris in the speaker or having a faulty wire connection, or even receiving from a poor audio source.

1. Moisture

Sometimes rain, spilling drinks or dropping your headphone in water or even intense humidity can cause headphones to create this problem.

The problem may be temporary or permanent.

2. Debris

After using it for a certain period, dust, dirt, earwax and other debris start to collect in front of the speaker grid which can be causing the muffled audio.

3. Faulty wireless connection

Another reason for this problem can be that either the headphone or the device connected to it has problems with proprietary drivers

4. The source of the audio

In case this happens because of bad audio, then there is no problem with your headphone.

You will need to just change what you are listening to and your problem will be solved.

Why Do My Bluetooth Headphones Sound Muffled

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Here is how to fix this problem:

1. In case of moisture damage:

you will require a cloth, a bowl of rice, and 91% isopropyl alcohol.

First, wet the cloth with the alcohol then apply that to the wet areas of the headphone, and do it properly. After you have done it, cover the headset in a bowl of rice for about 12 hours for it to dry completely.

Depending on how wet it is, it may also take a couple of days, so you will need to be patient.

2. In case of dirty headphones

Firstly, use a cloth to wipe off the large build-up of debris

Then fold a piece of tape in such a way that the sticky side is outside

Use that to clean the hard-to-get debris

Do this until it is clean

3. In case of a faulty connection, you will need to check a few things such as

  1. Driver updates
  2. Reset the Bluetooth connection by forgetting the device.
  3. Turn the Bluetooth off in the device that is connected to your headset and then try again.

What to do if muffled audio is produced when connected to a Windows PC?

The reason for this can be either proprietary drivers or bad sound equalization.

You will have to update the driver, for that connect the headphone to your PC and search for the latest version of the driver available on the manufacturer’s website. Then search for “check for updates” in the setting and you will be done

To fix the problem with PC equalization, go to the system’s sound setting and click on the speaker icon in the taskbar.

Then select the option of ‘open sound setting’ and then select the ‘enhancements’ tab.

You will come across several equalization options, and disable all types of sound effects.

If the problem is not solved then try to use Windows troubleshoot.

To do that:

  1. Go to the menu and open setting
  2. Then select ‘update and security’
  3. Select the option of ‘troubleshoot’ that can be found on the left-hand side
  4. Then click on playing audio
  5. Windows will try to figure out the problem and you will be good to go in no time.

What to do if muffled audio is produced when connected to a MAC?

Disable your Bluetooth, then wait for about fifteen seconds and turn it back on.

Try resetting the Bluetooth headphones as well.

Sometimes it may be because of using the wrong audio codec for your device

There is how to make sure it does not happen

  • Go to the apple store
  • Select the option of ‘system preference’
  • Then security and privacy
  • Check for the apps that have microphone access
  • Then close it

Even if this does not work, you will have to force the mac to recognize your authority by downloading ‘tooth fairy’. This app will make sure that the mac uses AAC audio cades for headphones


The problem of muffled headphones is not a common problem, but in case you run with this problem first try to identify the problem and then with the mentioned solution try fixing it carefully. and in case you fail to do so, you can try and get professional help.

hope this article helps 

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