Why Do My Emails Disappear on My iPad?

I know the gut-wrenching feeling you’re probably experiencing since you’re here right away. Discovering that some or all of your emails disappeared from your iPad is horrifying.

Luckily, there square measure many repairable reasons why your emails disappeared from your iPad, together with a difficulty with the iOS email app, accidental deletion, or archiving. There may even be an additional serious offender, like corruption, though such things square measure rare for iPads.

I’ll walk you thru a number of the foremost common reasons why emails disappear from iPads and the way to repair them. We’ll begin with the foremost probable, however, don’t discount the convalescence ways at the top of this text, either. 

If emails square measure disappearing on your iPad, however, they’re still gifts after you log into your email on a browser, that’s excellent news. It implies that you must be able to fix the matter simply in exactly a couple of minutes.

Therefore, follow the 3 straightforward steps below to induce your disappeared emails back on your device.

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Step 1: Restart Your iPad

It may look like a no-brainer, however typically rebooting your iPad is all it takes to induce your emails bringing to light once more.

A good rule of thumb is to attend thirty seconds once turning your iPad off before beginning it and keep a copy once more.

Step 2: Visit Your iOS choices

If restarting your iPad didn’t get your missing emails back, it’s time to go into your settings and pull up the iOS email section.

Your 1st recourse ought to be to envision “Mail Days to synchronize,” as this may indicate if there’s any delay in emails inward in your mail app in line with however so much back the app ought to pull up emails. 

To find this section, click on “Mail,” followed by “Accounts.” Here, you’ll have the choice to pick the e-mail address, must you have quite one. select whichever address is supplying you with missing emails. 

From there, click on “Mail Days to synchronize.” The setting ought to air “No Limit.” So, if you have got your mail sent for a definite range of days or years, change it.

Step 3: Re-Install Your Email Account

At now, your disappeared emails can hopefully be back on your iPad. But if not, it’s time to delete your email account from your iPad and set up it.

I will hear you inarticulate through the pc, and I’m with you. However, presumptuous that you simply will see all of your emails on an online browser and not your iPad, this is often the next—and final—effort you’ll be able to create.

To delete your email, come back to “Mail” in settings and choose your email account. Then, scroll to the all-time low of the screen, wherever you’ll encounter a button that claims “Delete Account.”

Other Reasons Your Emails square measure Disappearing

If you’ve followed the steps higher than and your emails square measure still missing, another offender is probably going to play. Below square measure of another common reason, you’ll not see a number of your emails on your iPad.

Accidental Deletion 

Touch screens on iPads square measure each a blessing and curse provided that it’s simple to faucet the incorrect button. Therefore, you’ll have accidentally deleted a number of your emails while not even realizing it. 

There square measure 2 main ways that you’ll be able to accidentally delete emails on your iPad:

  • Clicking on edit within the higher right-hand corner and choosing some or all messages before hitting the trash button.
  • Holding your finger on AN email and quickly slippery it to the left. 

The good news is that if you catch your deletion mistake early enough, you’ll be able to undo it by attending to your trash folder. It’s common for email servers to carry on to deleted messages for thirty days, though the precise quantity can vary in line with your settings.

In either case, if you discover your missing iPad emails within the Trash folder, click the “Edit” button, select the emails you wish to stay, and choose “Move” followed by “Inbox.” 


Archiving emails has its place after you need to stay AN email that you’ve scanned however doesn’t need it taking over an area in your inbox. all the same, accidentally archiving emails on AN iPad is as simple as deleting them.

So, to envision if you archived your missing iPad emails, click on “Mailboxes” within the mail app. From there, choose “Archive.”

Here, you’ll see an inventory of emails that you simply archived. does one see your missing emails there? Great!

In that case, faucet on one in all of them and head to the folder icon with a downward-facing arrow. Click on it, and select “Inbox” once it asks you what mailbox you wish to maneuver the e-mail to.  


iPads have robust anti-virus and corruption code, therefore it’s unlikely that your disappeared emails square measure the results of this. all the same, AN email may contain a corrupt file, that may cause knowledge loss for that email.

If you believe that you simply have a corruption issue or different harm on your hands, it’s best to contact Apple Support to facilitate together with your iPad. you’ll be able to reach bent to them online or by phone to debate the problem with one of all their agents.


Hopefully, you’ve gotten your missing iPad emails back. And higher nonetheless, you currently have the tools to figure through this issue once more must you ever encounter disappeared emails. the full method can probably solely take a couple of minutes.

That said, if you’re still fighting to find your missing emails, it doesn’t hurt to achieve bent on the Apple Support team to envision if they will assist you to recuperate them.

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