Why Does It Say “Message Blocking Is Active” on iPhone?

Sometimes it can be tough to communicate via text messages on an iPhone.

Especially if it keeps saying that message blocking is active.

Then your iPhone says that it is mainly because the contact number through which the message has been sent is blocked on your iPhone.

To avoid this, you will have to go to the setting of your phone, then the block list, and find the number to unblock it.

However, this message may also appear if your number is blocked by the person you are sending the message to.

If you are the one who blocked then you can easily undo it by removing the sender from your blocking list. However, if you are the one who is blocked then you will have to ask that person to unblock you.

There are also other reasons such as your service provider may have blocked your texting ability for some reason.

When you are updating your plan make sure that you also upgrade your texting plan along with it.

Why Does It Say “Message Blocking Is Active” on iPhone


How do I fix this thing?

Depending on why the error message is occurring, the solutions also differ accordingly.

1. Check your plan for text messages:

When you are upgrading your plan make sure you check the message plan. make sure your new plan also covers your messages.

In case you have a call-only plan, that can be the cause of the error.

Also, check these:

  1. You have a proper network connection
  2. Your message is supported
  3. The setting of SMS/MMS to ensure that it is turned on.
  4. Your phone is enough space for the message
  5. Also, that you have not exceeded the no. of text you have been allotted

To continue sending messages you will have to purchase additional text messages

2. Check the country code is correct

If you are sending the text internationally, you will have to enter the country code and it has to be correct. if you enter it wrong, this error message might show.

Firstly, ensure that the country code is correct then check that the number you are typing is correct.

Also, check that you have enough text balance and your plan allows you to send international messages.

In case you have entered the wrong message then just redial the number and try sending it again. The most important part is that you should have an adequate amount of text available for you to send this international message.

Ensure that your roaming is activated. Even though it costs more, it is essential for sending messages internationally.

To activate the roaming plan on your iPhone, go to the setting then to the mobile data option, and find the option if roaming slide it on. Then go back to the beginning and try again.

3. Change the option of phone’s date and time to automatic

Sometimes in the case of the iPhone, the date and time change randomly without your doing because of which your iPhone has wrong information and thus the error message occurs

This commonly happens when your plan is about to end.

To prevent this, go to your setting than to the option of date and time, and change the option to automatic.

4. Resave contact after you have deleted

Maybe while saving the contact you have entered the wrong number; therefore, it is causing the problem.

All you have to do is delete the contact and then enter the correct number and resave it.

How do I turn off the option of message blocking on my iPhone?

To do so, go to your phone’s messaging app and then click on ‘I’ that you will find on the upper right portion of the screen press this to view information

Make sure you keep your notification on, and check that your device is up to date and upgraded

I hope this article helps.


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