Why Does My Beats Flex Keep Disconnecting?

Beats Flex area unit this very odd mish-mashing of the Beats X and therefore the higher-priced Airpods. 

But, for the foremost half, it works. 

The Beats Flex comes back at away a lot of cheap value purpose whereas still exhibiting a robust and consistent Bluetooth association quality, auto-play/pause, and a practical style meant for the everyday user.

Of course, their area unit reports from users that their Beats Flex keep every which way disconnecting for no obvious reason. 

But, as we tend to all grasp, there’s continually a reason.

From dirty earpieces to the necessity for a microcode update, almost something will cause an interruption in your device’s Bluetooth association.

It appears thus easy, nonetheless, many folks overlook the very fact that these devices typically have to be compelled to be reset.

There might, however, be a lot of disturbing reasons for a relentless disconnection. 

And that is why I’m here.

As somebody, World Health Organization has many sets of wireless earbuds and headphones, and I’ve tough similar problems. 

At first, it is pretty darn confusing, associate degree attempt|attempting} to work out what may be inflicting such an unpleasant interference.

After all, you merely wish to sit back to some sensible music or get pleasure from the newest episode of your favorite true-crime podcast. 

 But then, you’ve got to marvel “Why do my Beats headphones keep turning off?” or “Why area unit my Beats perpetually disconnecting?”

Let us take a better cross-check of what may be inflicting these problems and the way you’ll arrange to troubleshoot them.

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Why will My Beats Flex Keep Disconnecting? (Answered!)

Your Beats Flex may be disconnecting for many reasons, starting from having these headphones paired to multiple Bluetooth devices right away to the earphones needing a microcode update. Troubleshooting is as straightforward as improving or resetting the Beats Flex or as complicated as having to visualize electrical interferences or broken wiring.

What causes interferences with Bluetooth devices like this? 

Do Beats Flex get overcharged and have issues as a result? 

How does one reset your Beats Flex or check for updates? 

Read on to find out a lot concerning why your Beats Flex may well be disconnecting and what you’ll do concerning it before resorting to contacting Apple Support.

Can you overcharge Beats Flex?

Beats Flex has a lithium-ion battery in them, and it’s safe to go away them charging long. 

There is little probability that you simply can overcharge them since they need this battery kind.

Why won’t my Beats keep connected to my phone?

Your Beats Flex may need hassle connecting to your phone if there’s any environmental interference. 

Anything that shares an identical wavelength as Bluetooth devices – together with your microwave – will cause interference within the Bluetooth association. 

If you’re keeping an affordable distance from this stuff, though, you must be fine.

Your phone or Beats Flex may be in would like of associate degree update, or there may be clogged connections within the earpieces thanks to cerumen accumulation or different rubbish.

Why does Beats Flex disconnect from my computer?

You might have your Beats Flex connected to your mackintosh or Windows computer to access your large music library or to stream your favorite Netflix show uninterrupted. 

A few Beats Flex homeowners have rumored that their earphones can disconnect from the pc and have to be compelled to be re-paired on a reasonably regular basis. Sometimes, they’re going to see that there’s an association however not truly hear something.

One of the items that you simply will attempt to kill this instance is to do removing the Bluetooth drivers from the pc and put them instead from the manufacturer’s website.

If you’re on a Windows computer or portable computer, you’ll do that by choosing Device Manager, and increasing to Bluetooth in Device Manager. Right-clicking on the Bluetooth driver and choosing ‘uninstall’.

This will generate a prompt for you to visualize the box for ‘delete the motive force software package’ to fully take away the motive force software from your laptop. 

Your Beats headphones may be turned off for several reasons. 

Are they troubled to carry a charge? might the Bluetooth association be weak? Is something within the immediate surroundings intrusive to them? area unit there any exposed wires?

Look over your headphones, then you’ll wish to urge to troubleshoot.

What to try to do If Your Beats Keep Disconnecting?

Okay, here’s the deal – what works for a few won’t work for all. 

These troubleshooting techniques have worked for a few Beats Flex homeowners however not for others.

In extreme cases, the earphones were on the far side of repair, having escorted either a producing defect, having sustained an excessive amount of injury, or having had a damaging hardware failure. 

So, before you jump the shark and decision Apple Support, strive these strategies and see if one amongst them helps you determine a stronger association.

Check For Interferences

First things 1st. 

What quiet things in your surroundings may be inflicting interferences? Bluetooth connections are stopped by intrusive devices in operation on identical wavelengths.

Be sure that the other devices in your immediate neck of the woods area unit are turned off and unplugged before you are trying to connect your Beats Flex to your listening device once more.

Unpair From different Devices

If you’ve got your Beats Flex paired to multiple devices, unpair them from those that you simply aren’t presently exploiting. 

You will wish to do resetting them before you combine them with your supposed listening device.

Reset Your Beats Flex

Ready to reset your Beats Flex? it’s super straightforward and, in several cases, is the reparation that’s required to ascertain a solid association. 

Here is the way to do it:

  1. Hold down on each the ability button and therefore the volume down button for fifteen seconds.
  2. once the crystal rectifier indicator light-weight starts to flash, you’ll move and unharness the buttons. this means that your Beats area unit is reset and prepared to be paired together with your iPhone, iPad, or different listening device.

Clean Your Beats Flex

The importance of improving your earbuds or headphones can’t be unostentatious. Seriously. 

You might not understand what quantity gook comes out of your ears and gets compact into your earbuds, however it happens – and it will cause a lot of issues, from muffled sound quality to association disruptions.

Apple recommends that you simply clean your Beats Flex by employing a dry artifact to wipe off oil and mud. 

(Whatever you are doing, don’t use any kind of spray or soap to scrub the earbuds!) The sliders and band cushions are cleansed with a humid artifact with soap.

Always make certain that you simply let your earbuds dry off before you employ them once more.

Check For Updates

If you haven’t already put in it, transfer and install the Beats Updater app. 

This handy app is essential for keeping your microcode up to this point. 

You will have to be compelled to be in operation on this version of iOS or iPadOS to use it, however, you’ll open up this app and check for updates. 

Sometimes, a required update will cause Bluetooth devices to not properly connect.

Check For Broken Wires

This appears like wisdom, however, it’s one thing that a lot of folks – myself enclosed – area unit guilty of high. 

Beats Flex area units are primarily wired-wireless earphones, and something that has wires might have those wires break over time. 

And, once that will happen, your earphones may not be ready to connect or maybe activate.

Be sure to appear over all the electrical parts for any potential injury.

Closing Thoughts

Troubleshooting Bluetooth association problems is usually frustrating and annoying. 

The Beats Flex will typically hold a robust Bluetooth association, however, there are unit instances within which they struggle. 

Try the higher than troubleshooting strategies, however, if nothing appears to figure out for you, make certain to contact Apple Support for additional steerage.

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