Why does my Bluetooth keep disconnecting from my speaker?

Bluetooth technology has been around for years and is used to transfer data from one device to another wirelessly through the pairing of the devices.

The devices also include speakers:

There can be several reasons for this and also stated how to solve those problems:

1. Interference from another device

Sometimes the speaker can be connected to another device just by keeping the Bluetooth on in case they have been connected before. So first ensure that no other device around the speaker has Bluetooth on other than the device you wish to connect. and if keeping the Bluetooth on for the other device is necessary, they simply unpair the speaker and the device, and you are done.

Sometimes interference can also be caused by wi-fi routers as they share the same bandwidth as that of Bluetooth so can block off the connection. therefore, keep the speaker away from the wi-fi router.

2. The software of the device is old and not compatible

Sometimes the software of the connected device or the speaker becomes outdated and therefore causes problems in connection. so, ensure to update to the latest version of all the devices involved.

Also, ensure that the devices use the latest version of Bluetooth firmware.

3. The distance between both devices is out of the connectivity range

Even if it is stated that the Bluetooth speaker has a huge connectivity range, it is better to keep the devices together while initiating the pairing process

When the devices are connected you can move away then however do not move too far away.

4. The battery of the device is low

Bluetooth uses charge to connect with devices so if you have a low battery in any of the devices it is more likely that Bluetooth will not work, so ensure to charge your device.

5. There are too many devices connected to the Bluetooth speaker

Sometimes as too many devices are connected it leaves a cache in the speaker which may cause a problem to clear the cache. removing or forgetting the device also helps

For iPhone – Go to the Bluetooth optioning setting, then select the information symbol and choose the option of forgetting the device.

For MacBook – Click the Bluetooth symbol that appears on the top right-hand side. then click on Bluetooth preference and search for the speaker and then to close the connection click X.

For android -Go to setting then select Bluetooth and in the list of available devices search the name of the speaker then select unpair.

If all these do not work then do these.


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1. Follow the manual for the pairing process

Every speaker comes with its own set of manuals and with models and brands the way it works also changes

So read and follow the manual.

In the case of JBL follow these:

  • Make sure that the speaker is charged
  • Then turn on the speaker
  • Press the Bluetooth bottom till the LED light starts flashing
  • Make sure that the Bluetooth device is discoverable.

2. Ensure that the Bluetooth is turned on on both devices

The most important step is to check whether the Bluetooth is turned on or not

  For iPhone – The Bluetooth option is present in the setting

  For MacBook –The Bluetooth setting is present on the top right corner

  For android – The Bluetooth setting can be found by scrolling the screen down

  For window- The Bluetooth option is in the setting

3. Turn the speaker on and off

As Bluetooth speaker runs on internal software and program, when there is an overflow of data it is likely the speaker will not work correctly, the problem can also be caused by the connected device, so try turning off both the devices and then turn them on and they try to connect

4. Perform a reset

Rest helps to delete all the cache of the speaker so all your previously connected devices will be forgotten. It is like a factory reset.

After that, you will have to pair the device from the start.

Final thought

In case your JBL GO2 speaker keeps on disconnecting the issues can be fixed easily by ensuring the Bluetooth is on, the devices are discoverable and there is no interference with the Bluetooth

Even if these do not work then you will have to take professional help as it means that there are some major issues with the Bluetooth chip or you can just buy a new speaker.

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