Why Does My Bluetooth Speaker Make A Busy Signal?

If you have a modern Bluetooth speaker, then you use the latest version of Bluetooth.  in these new speakers, the audio quality issues do not exist. One of the issues the speakers nowadays face is the issue of busy signals when in use.

There may be several reasons for this

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Low battery

Bluetooth requires more power to operate. It’s either because the audio device or the Bluetooth speaker has a low battery because of which the Bluetooth connection will not go through or the speaker will produce a busy signal.

Connect the device with low power to a power source and see if it still makes the busy signal, if it still does that means low power is not the problem.

If your speaker is old and it still gives a busy signal while it charges, that means that there is a problem with your battery and you will need to change it.

If after everything the busy signal continues then try to unpair and forget the connection and re-pair the devices. in most cases, the problem is solved by this

Other Bluetooth device’s interference

The cause of busy signals may also be because of interference from other Bluetooth devices or wi-fi.

Sometimes, if anyone around you turns on their wi-fi, your speaker may detect the open Bluetooth and connect to it. therefore, creating a busy signal.

There may be devices at your home that may also cause interference, so either turn them off or switch them to the 5.0 GHz band.

The speakers can also receive interference from the microwave, phone, or TV. so, to avoid this try keeping the speaker at distance from the device.

The distance between the audio device and the speaker

Speakers have a long-range of 20 meters, sometimes the speaker produces a busy signal if the distance between the devices is much more than the Bluetooth can handle.

Try bringing the audio device and the speaker closer to check if the problem still occurs. If it is still, does it mean that the cause of the problem is something else? Although you can connect the devices if they are in different rooms, due to the presence of the wall the signal weakens so make sure there are fewer or no barriers.

Problems with software

If you have tried all the methods above but still the problem persists then you will have to check that both the devices are up to date software-wise.

Even though the audio quality is not a problem for speakers nowadays but if the devices are updated to the latest versions, then you will not only get the best audio quality but also the reduce the chance of receiving a busy signal

Faulty Bluetooth speaker receiver

Sometimes due to some internal problem of the speaker, it may show a busy signal.

After many years of use, there is a chance that the receiver of the Bluetooth speaker is damaged. This may cause a busy signal.

Try connecting the audio device to another speaker to see if the problem still exists.

If the second speaker does not work that means that there is a problem with the audio device but if it does work that means that there is a problem with the speaker.

You will need to change whatever is damaged.

Check the music app

The cause of the problem may be the application form which you are playing the music from. so, ensure that the audio drivers are updated. if you are playing music from your phone, make sure that the music app is updated.

If the problem does not go away try uninstalling the music app and using another app. try this method after you have tried all other methods as uninstalling the app can lead to the loss of your playlist.

If you have an account then you can log in back after reinstalling the app.

Music apps are developed with lines of codes. interruption in these lines of code can cause problems.

All these affected lines of codes go with old apps, as you uninstall the app. you can get a new app from the play store.

Call the manufacturer of the speaker

If all of the methods above mentioned do not work then, you should call the manufacturer of the speaker and check if they can solve the problem.

Most types of speakers such as JBL Flip 5, and Anker Sound core 2 do not have such issues. but the speaker you have may have such a unique issue.

You can find the customer support number online, doing this is the easiest and the fastest method as the manufacturer may already have a solution to the problem as there may be other customers who are having the same problem and you can get your speaker to work again easily.

re-pair and unpair

Sometimes all you need to solve the problem is to unpair the devices and forget them and then switch off both the devices. then turn them back on and try to connect them from the start.

In most cases, the software problem is solved by this simple process. If this does not work you can try other complex methods.

Closing thought

As a simple basic rule, you should always go for the best speaker that you can afford. speakers such as JBL Boombox 2 have the latest Bluetooth version, better connectivity, and longer battery life.

With such speakers, you will not have to worry about range unless the devices are very far away.

You also need to check that the connection between the devices is strong enough to withstand interference from other devices.

start by getting a device with 4.1 Bluetooth.

If you have tried everything and still, they give a busy signal then call the manufacturer, and if they can not do anything or the problem is common with this brand then get a new speaker

Hope this article helps you.

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